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First-class lever
When the fulcrum lies between the pull and the load; not abundant in human body
Second-class lever
Load lies between the fulcrum and the joint at which the pull is exerted; presence of this type in human body is controversial
Third-class lever
Pull is exerted between the fulcrum and load; most abundant in human body
Point of attachment that does not move when the muscle contracts
Point of attachment that moves when the muscle contracts
Prime mover
A muscle that directly performs a specific movement
Any "mover" muscle that directly performs a movement, including the prime mover
Muscles that, when contracting, directly oppose prime movers; relax while prime mover is contracting to produce a more controlled movement
Muscles that contract at the same time as prime movers; facilitate prime mover actions to produce a more efficient movement
Fixator muscles
Joint stabalizers (type of synergists)
Good posture
Body alignment that most favors function; achieved by keeping the body's center of gravity over it's base, requires the least muscular work to maintain