Cattle Muscle Analysis

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By looking at the fetal pig and its muscle structure, researchers and individuals are able to gain a better understanding of what human muscles look like, where they are located, and how they function. The muscles that were labeled in the dissection are important factors in the movement of the individual. The muscles work together though antagonism. Antagonism works when one muscle, such as the extensor carpi radialis contracts, and the flexor carpi radialis relaxes, allowing the hand to extend. These muscles are attached to each other by ligaments. The muscles are then attached to the bones, and thus the skeletal system, by tendons (Farabee 2001) (Allen and Harper 2013). All of the muscles have both origin and insertion points to enable them to work together and perform their jobs correctly. The muscles are attached to the origin by tendons much of the time. The origin is fixed and allows for the movement of …show more content…
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