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Caste System

a system in which people are born into a social standing that they will retain their entire lives


a group who shares a common social status based on factors like wealth, income, education, and occupation

Class system

Social standing based on social factors and individual accomplishments

Class Traits

the typical behaviors, customs, and norms that define each class (also called class markers)

Downward mobility

A lowering of one's social class

Endogamous marriage

Unions of people within the same social category

Exogamous union

Unions of spouses from different social categories

Global stratification

a comparison of the wealth, economic stability, status, and power of countries as a whole


an ideal system in which personal effort—or merit—determines social standing

Social mobility

The ability to change positions within a social stratification system

Social stratification

a socioeconomic system that divides society’s members into categories ranking from high to low, based on things like wealth, power, and prestige

Standard of living

The level of wealth available to acquire material goods and comforts to maintain a particular socioeconomic lifestyle

Structural mobility

societal change that enables a whole group of people to move up or down the class ladder

Upward mobility

An increase or upward shift in social class


The value of money and assets a person has from, for example, inherritance