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What important technique
is used in preventing &
controlling transmission
of infection?
hand hygiene
Micro-organisms can cause
disease by several ways?
# of organisms
ability to enter & survive
susceptibility of host
What helps resist infection,
releases anti-bacterial
substances & inhibits
multiplication of
pathogenic micro-organisms?
normal flora
What has same signs or
response in a host?
local inflammation
& infection
When can an
infection develop?
when 6 elements of
infection chain are
Micro-organisms are
transmitted by?
direct & indirect contact
airborne spread
vectors (insects)
contaminated articles
What compromises immune
response & increases
susceptibility to infection?
age, poor nutrition
stress, inherited
conditions, chronic disease
treatments or conditions
What are major sites for
urinary & respiratory tracts
surgical or
traumatic wounds
What does Center for Disease
Control & Prevention
recommend as alternative
to hand washing?
use of alcohol-based
water antiseptics
What increases hospitalized
client's risk for acquiring
a health-care-associated
invasive procedures,
medical, therapies,
long, hospitalization,
with health-care personnel
What may prevent
personnel & clients
from acquiring
isolation practices
What prevents transmission
of micro-organisms to
other persons?
isolation practices
What are used as generic
barrier techniques when
caring for all clients?
Standard Precautions
A client in isolation
is subject to what?
sensory deprivation
because of restricted
Who monitors the
incidence of infection
within an institution?
infection prevention &
control professionals
Who provides educational
& consultative services
to maintain infection
prevention & control?
infection prevention
& control professionals
What asepsis requires
more stringent techniques
than medical asepsis?
surgical asepsis
What asepsis is
directed at eliminating
surgical asepsis
If skin is broken
or an invasive procedure
into a body cavity normally
free of microorganisms is
performed what type of
asepsis is done?
surgical asepsis
Proper cleaning requires
mechanical removal of?
all soil from
an object area
Ch. 34
Infection Prevention & Control
Key Concepts
pgs. 683-684
Key Concepts