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In secular architecture ________, of which that at Chambord (fig. 14.16) is a good example, served as a means of expressing power and prestige.
chateaux or castles
________, artist of the Sistine Ceiling (fig. 13.28), believed beauty was found in the imagination and not, as Leonardo asserted, in nature.
Petrarch's Canzoniere (Songbook) contains 366 poems: sonnets, ballads, sestinas, madrigals, and canzoni. True or false?
Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing is a ________.
The Saltcellar of Francis I (fig. 13.43) and the Perseus (fig. 13.44) reflect the Mannerist style of the artist ________.
Benvenuto Cellini
The argument that rather than revolving around the earth, the earth and the other planets orbit the sun, was put forth by ________.
The humanist scholar Desiderius Erasmus was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and is best known for his rejection of all elements of classical civilization. True or false?
The technique found in Lorenzo Ghiberti's The Creation of Adam and Eve (fig. 13.8) in which events are presented simultaneously that took place sequentially is called ________.
continuous narration
A madrigal is a vocal composition for a small group of singers, usually without accompaniment. True or false?
________ grew up in Bologna, the child of an artist, and specialized in portraits, such as Portrait of a Noblewoman (fig. 13.42).
Lavinia Fontana
Angnolo Bronzino's Allegory with Venus and Cupid (fig. 13.38) is typically Mannerist in its ambiguity and complexity. True or false?
________ was a Neoplatonic philosopher who wrote Oration on the Dignity of Man.
Pico della Mirandola
In 1401, Leonardo Bruni sponsored a competition to determine who would make the doors of Florence Cathedral's baptistery which ________ won.
Lorenzo Ghiberti
In music, featuring a single melody with harmonic support is called ________ texture.
________, an English castle designed by Robert Smythson, is a model of the massiveness and symmetry typical of Elizabethan architecture.
Hardwick Hall
One of the most virulent attacks on religious objects occurred in England where King Henry VIII ordered the destruction of monasteries in 1535. His systematic destruction of architecture associated with religion is an example of ________.
Sfumato, which means "smoky," is a technique developed by Tintoretto. True or false?
The Primavera (fig. 13.17) is one of Titian's most famous works. True or false?
All of the following were architects for St. Peters, Rome (fig. 13.33) except ________.
Leonardo da Vinci
The ________ is a woodcut by Albrecht Dürer.
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
The composer ________ is most closely associated with the "new Rome" of the High Renaissance.
Josquin des Pres
The famous text The Prince by ________ encapsulates the view that humankind is "basically selfish, deceitful, greedy, and gullible" and, thus, he advocates that rulers should use this fact to their advantage.
Niccolo Machiavelli
The systematic destruction of religious icons that were considered to violate the prohibition against worship of "idolatrous images" is called ________.
"Lorenzo the Magnificent" was a member of the Medici family of Florence. True or false?
________ created a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I as a princess that displays Elizabeth's love of learning by representing books.
Levina Bening Teerling
________ proposed the scientific method.
Francis Bacon
Donatello created all of the following sculptures except ________.
The Creation of Adam and Eve

He did create:
Mary Magdalene
Feast of Herod
________ was the first great figure of Italian Renaissance letters.
In linear perspective the horizon point at which all receding lines appear to converge and disappear is called the ________.
vanishing point
________ wrote The Book of the Courtier which is a text that memorializes, celebrates, and idealizes life at Renaissance courts.
Baldassare Castiglione
Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter and Herman Melville's Moby Dick were affected by the teachings of the Protestant reformer ________.
John Calvin
Robert Campin's Mérode Altarpiece (fig. 14.1) is the earliest example in which the Annunciation was depicted as taking place in a ________.
The Northern Renaissance painters favored egg tempera over the newly developing oil medium. True or false?
The ________ has two extraordinary features: a town on the roof that is complete with winding streets, squares, and turrets; and an interior double-spiral staircase built with a circle of 30 feet in diameter whose spiral staircases intertwine but do not meet.
Chateau of Chambord
The city of ________ is celebrated in Vittore Carpaccio's Lion of St. Mark (fig. 13.34).
The falling and rising notes that correspond to words in Thomas Weelkes' "As Vesta Was Descending" exemplifies ________, a popular way of showing sensitivity to the words in musical compositions.
word painting
The richness of Titian's paintings can be attributed in some measure to his use of a red bolus underpainting instead of the more customary green-black. True or false?
________ are examples of the secular music that became increasingly popular in the Renaissance and which are characterized by lyrics written in the vernacular.
Alla prima is painting without preparing a preliminary drawing. True or false?
________ painted a number of frescoes in the monastery of San Marco, Florence, including an Annunciation (fig. 13.16).
Fra Angelico
In Tintoretto's version of The Last Supper (fig. 13.39) ________ helps draw our attention to Christ.
________ wrote Ninety-five Theses, which became a rallying cry for the Reformation, in the form of a disputation or debate.
Martin Luther
Madrigals are often about ________.
love and frivolity
Robert Campin's Mérode Altarpiece (fig. 14.1) is an example of the ________ medium.
The Essays written by ________ are a stunning example of Renaissance individualism grounded in humanism.
The ________ by Botticelli moves from the right to left with its figures connected by lines of sight that spiral continually to the left.
The central panel in Robert Campin's Mérode Altarpiece (fig. 14.1) depicts the ________.
The composer ________ significantly shaped Early Renaissance music.
Guillame Dufay
The philosophy of ________ asserts that the psyche is trapped within the body, and that philosophical thought is the only way to ascend from the material world to union with the single, higher source of existence.
This anti-classical style known as ________ began around 1527 during a time of political and religious unrest.
Although it has long been assumed that the viewer is witnessing a marriage in Van Eyck's Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife Giovanna Cenami (fig. 14.4), recent arguments suggest, however, that it is a(n) ________.
________ is(are) unattainable in Petrarch's sonnets.
Blank verse refers to rhyming couple, each line of which has fourteen syllables. True or false?
________ was the first architect to detail the principles of linear perspective in his treatise De pictura.
Leon Battista Alberti
In The Last Supper (fig. 13.20), Leonardo da Vinci found ________ the most difficult to paint.
Judas and Jesus
________ was the most important satirical work of the Renaissance.
Erasmus's The Praise of Folly