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What is the recommended pressure when servicing the potable water system on the C-40A?

25 psi

How many sump drains are installed on the C-40A?


What does the X in the CRSN column indicate in the NAVAIR 01-C40AAA-6-2/Servicing Maintenance Requirement Cards?

Corrosion inspection area

It is recommended that you do an APU starting and operation procedure at a minimum of __ time every __ days if the airplane has not operated and the APU preservation was done.

1, 7

What should the fuel pressure be when pressure fueling the C-40A?

35-55 PSI

How many hours is a Daily Inspection valid for?

72 HRS

When using a ground air source, engine 2 must be started first.


A disconnected IDG can give a false oil quantity reading.


What is an acceptable pressure for the engine fire extinguisher bottle at 100 degrees Fahrenheit?

950 PSI

Which landing gear is the ground spoiler interlock cable found on?

Right main

You must wait a minimum of 5 minutes but no longer than 30 minutes to service the engine oil on the C-40A.


How many 56 man life rafts are installed on the C-40A?


How long are you allowed to activate the A/C emergency lights on the C-40A?

15 minutes

The No.1 and No.2 fuel tanks must have 1675 lbs of fuel in them to operate the electric hydraulic pumps.


The three types of fuel permitted for use on the C-40A are JP5, JP8, Jet A.


Which of the following maintenance messages can be recovered from the EEC BITE test?


You must use 10 to 15 gallons of water to flush the waste tank in the C-40A.


60 PSI is the maximum start pressure for the engines when using a ground air source.


What indication do you get on the exterior fueling panel when there is an overfill condition?

Refuel Quantity Indicator will flash

What fluid is used to wipe the struts in the C-40A?


The exact Oxygen quantity minimums and system requirements can be found in what manual?


Jet B is permitted for use on the C-40A.


When servicing the waste tank the maximum water pressure measured at the rinse nozzle is __ PSIG.


What zone on the C-40A is the empennage located in?

Zone 300

The main battery switch is located on the P5-5 panel.