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When towing an A/C, what position should the stab be slew to and using what power source?
Zero degrees to maximize view, using external power if possible to minimize damage to the A/C battery system
To avoid damage to the tail wheel lockpin, ensure it is in what position prior to moving A/C?
The up (disengaged) position
What is the 'anymouse' box?
A system used by all hands to discretely submit safety concerns. All submissions are viewed by Safety and the CO.
Why is JP-4 a restricted fuel?
Use of JP-4 will subject helicopter to flameouts under certain flight attitudes, altitude/temperature conditions, and certain ground operations. Make sure ADB is annotated if JP-4 is being used.
Can you check the fuel load w/o electrical power applied?
In what order do you connect the static ground cables when fueling?
Ground to helicopter or refueler, Helicopter to reflueler or fuel nozzle to helicopter.
Why should you make sure the battery is installed when fueling?
Without aircraft battery installed, electrical activation of high-level sensors cannot be verified.
What should you ensure the pressure is set to on the fuel servicing unit?
Max. of 55 PSI
What are the ONLY positions personnel may may enter or exit the rotor arc?
3 and 9 o'clock
Why must you keep clear of the helicopter when the main rotor blades are turning?
Main rotor blades can droop within 4-5 feet of the ground. Under gusty wind conditions, it may be necessary for the pilot to take off unexpectedly.
Where shall the PC stand when taxiing the A/C out?
Facing helicopter, 50 feet in front of, and 10 feet to the right of the A/C (Pilot right-hand side)
When securing the main rotor blades while spread, what must the deflection be?
6-12 inches
All personnel should be what distance away from the A/C if SATCOM is being operated?
50 ft. radius to avoid radiation
How many tie-down chains are used for heavy weather, and tied to which rings?
18, 3 on each ring (Main mount, high point, aft tail cone)
Are personnel allowed to enter/exit the rotor arc while engines are online but the rotor head is not spinning? Why or why not?
No, due to possible failure of the rotor brake.
What must you do if either main tank lights on refuel pre-check panel fails to illuminate?
Stop refueling and perform checkout procedure of the fuel precheck system.
What is the combined fuel cell capacity in lbs?
2304 lbs
A fuel sample must be taken within what time frame before an A/C's initial launch?
Within 24 hours
How long are fuel samples valid for?
24 hours, or after flight
How long must you wait to perform sampling on a moved or refueled A/C? Why?
2 hours, to allow contaminants to settle (water, biological, dirt)
Approx. how much fuel is taken from each fuel cell for sampling?
1 pint.
Who can inspect fuel samples?
310 CDI, CDQAR, QAR, or qualified aircrew
If contaminants are present, retain sample, and drain approx how much fuel into a bucket or other approved container?
1 gallon.
If after draining a gallon of fuel, a second fuel sample still comes forth contaminated, what must be done?
Notify M/C and QA, Initiate a downing discrepancy. Put results on the fuel sample log sheet.
What must be removed prior to A/C wash?
Smokes, to prevent accidental activation
Can you use CPC for beautification purposes?
What is the only authorized cleaning compound?
How long is cleaning solution allowed to remain on aircraft surface?
3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly to remove all cleaning solution.
How long should it take to perform a DTA?
There is no time limit. The inspection shall be done completely and correctly according to the MRC's.
How do you check if a Daily Deck or Turnaround card is valid, and up to date?
Check for the CTPL stamp, and ensure applicable IRACs are incorporated.
If a discrepancy is found on a DTA, what will the "when discovered" code be in NALCOMIS?
Daily : J

Turnaround: K
Besides writing the MAF, where else does the discrepancy get logged?
The daily paperwork (4790/38)
As Plane Captain, who are you directly responsible to?
The CO.
How much does the windshield reservoir hold?
1 qt of water
What do you service the windshield reservoir with?

**If below 32 degrees F, then it is serviced with a half water/half isopropyl alcohol mixture to avoid freezing
How long do you wait after shutdown to check the APU level?
1 hour
How long do you wait after shutdown to check the MGB fluid level?
Hot side of dipstick : .5 - 2 hours after shutdown

Cold side = 2+ hours after shutdown
How long do you wait after shutodwn to check the engine oil level?
At least 20 minutes
To prevent oil from being forced past engine seals, do not add oil past what level on the engine sight gage?
One inch below full mark on sight gage, or top two bolts
Operation of engines at temperatures below -13F will require use of what type of lubricating oil?
For arctic operations, -25F, what type of hydraulic fluid must be used?
How far into the "over-serviced" area of a hydraulic pump sight gage is acceptable?
3/8 inch
Does a Daily inspection satisfy the requirements of a Turnaround inspection?
No, they are two separate inspections
How many people does it take to fold the tail pylon?
5; 1 on the stab wrench, 3 on the fold pole, 1 on the stab.
What kind of engine does the MH-60S support?
What are the limits for rotor brake pressure?
What are the limits for the APU accumulator
Mil spec for engine oil
Mil spec for gear box oil
Mil spec for hydraulic fluid
NATO code for JP-4
NATO code for JP-5
NATO code for JP-8
MAX capacity for engine oil
7.3 qts
MAX capacity for hydraulic reservoir/coffee can?
1.3 qts
MAX capacity for IGB/TGB
2.75 qts
MAX capacity for MGB/Main Transmission
7.5 gallons
What is the maximum amount you can service the TGB before reporting to QA?
0.85 pints
What is the maximum amount you can service the IGB before reporting to QA?
.63 pints
What is the maximum amount you can drain before replacing the IGB/TGB?
2.57 pints
State the types and ratios of soap to water for each type of aircraft wash.
1 - Light 1-9
2 - Normal 1-4
3 - Heavy 1-1
What does CAD stand for?
Cartridge actuated device
How many CADS are on our A/C and where are they located?
6; 2 on each fire bottle, one on the rescue hoist, and one on the cargo hook
What are the main mount tire pressure limits?
130-140 PSI
What are the limits of the tail landing gear tire pressure?
100-110 PSI
How long is a Daily valid for?
72 hours
How long is a Turnaround valid for?
24 hours, unless flown or major maintenance is performed
What type of APU is equipped?
What is the ADB, and where can you find it?
Aircraft Discrepancy Book, there is one per aircraft, kept in Maintenance control
How many "A" sheets are kept in the ADB?
The last 10
What is the significance of placement of MAFS in the ADB? (left vs. right)
Left - signed off/completed, utilized to check for higher risk of fod.

Right - outstanding gripes
What is the first step when performing a Daily Inspection?
Review the ADB for outstanding gripes to avoid duplicate MAFS
What does MSDS stand for?
Material Safety Data Sheet
Where are the MSDS located?
In the tool room, and in the hangar
Where can you find the "teeter test"? What is it?
Located in the TA card, the teeter test is a method of moving the tale blade up and down, to see if the opposite blade moves in conjunction.
What is the limitation of cuts, nicks, or tears in a tail rotor boot?
No cuts, nicks, or tears.
What colors correspond to hydraulic fluid, engine oil, and gear box oil, in regards to PON-6s? (red/yellow/green)
Red - Hydraulic Fluid
Green - Gear Box Oil
Yellow - Engine Oil
Where can you find information about the 'breakaway valve?'
Fuel breakaway valve information can be found in the Daily Deck (you'll have to be able to actually find it)