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In addition to individual STD prevention counseling, educational efforts respectful of what can and should be undertaken?
Proper decorum
HIV case reporting requirements shall be fulfilled by how many Navy HETUs, as outlined?
The prevention of STDs begins with changing what that place the person at risk for infection?
Sexual behaviors
Who shall receive case reports from HETU’s (with patient names blacked out) and will conduct on-going analysis of behavioral risk information and outbreak clusters?
Partner referral services shall be afforded to every patient who is
HIV positive to identify and initiate the notification process of past sexual and needle sharing partners, the equivalent state form to the CDC Form 73.2936S shall be completed for each named partner and the patient’s current and former sp ouses within the past howmany years?
Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and acute cases of hepatitis are what in the Department of the Navy?
Reportable medical events
All sexually active women what age and younger, as well as older women at risk for chlamydia will be screened annually as part of their regular health care visits?
Up to date information, including STD laboratory and treatment guidelines, is available from the CDC at the STD web site at what address?
Additional HIV testing may be indicated after how many months based on a diagnosis of a genital ulcer disease, the prevalence of HIV in the area, the number of episodes of STD’s, and the nature and duration of sexual risk-taking behavior?
3 and 6
What type of counseling shall be provided to all patients who are evaluated, treated, or are at high risk for an STD?
STD prevention
All patients presenting for evaluation of a possible STD will be tested for serological evidence of what?
Syphilis infection
What type of treatment regimens that ensure compliance, provide a prompt cure, and are cost-effective are generally preferred over other regimens?
Single dose
HIV, syphilis, chancroid, gonorrhea, and chlamydia are what in every State?
Reportable diseases
HIV evaluation and treatment guidelines are provided in what instruction?
All active duty patients presenting for evaluation of a possible STD shall be tested for serological evidence of HIV infection per what reference?
Including the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), what are important and preventable causes of morbidity and mortality, and associated lost productivity and health care costs?
Navy Medicine endorses the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) STD’s treatment and prevention guidelines,developed using what type of approach advocated by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force?
The primary responsibility for contact interview and partner notification for newly diagnosed active duty members is whom?
HETU preventive medicine staff member
What vaccines are required when presenting for evaluation of a possible STD?
Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B
STD cases shall be reported to Navy public health authorities in accordance with what instruction
What item, like other personal hygiene items, are normally available for purchase at base exchanges, ships’ stores, and civilian retail stores, but can also be made available without charge in clinics, sick bays, and aid stations?
The prevention and control of STD’s is based on how many major concepts?
Under the Navy centralized case reporting process, the confirmatory test for HIV/AIDS for active duty members is done by a what?
Who provides a Technical Manual, self-study and classroom courses in
“Sexual Partner Counseling and Referral Services” (PCRS), and a 2-day course, “Fundamentals of HIV/STD Prevention Counseling,” that teach the Department of the Navy Personnel how to conduct partner notification and referral and client-centered prevention counseling?
The effective prevention and treatment of STD’s in our military population requires partnerships with what local departments?
Public health