Military Sexual Assault Paper

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Military sexual assault is a pervasive problem throughout the military, despite numerous initiatives to end it. While the military is starting to see an increase in sexual assault reporting, there’s still a fraction of men and women who choose not to report (Groves, 2013). Sexual assault is alarmingly common in the U.S. military, and no one dares to speak up about it. Statistics report that thirty-eight service members are sexually assaulted a day and not enough has been done to address this under-reported issue (Castro, Kintzle, Schuyler, Lucas, & Warner, 2015). That being said, this paper will analyze two articles on military sexual assault and integrate the articles highlighting points of similarity and differences on the subject. A couple …show more content…
I was completely uneducated on the issue as far as what victims have to deal with when it comes to speaking up about their assault. In addition, the report has to undergo military and civilian court therefore the process is very lengthy and tedious. It reminds me a lot like what civilians have to go through with domestic violence. Victims of military sexual trauma could get discourage of the process, in addition to feeling threaten by their perpetrator. I also learned that military sexual assault could happen to any gender, not only women. Therefore it’s important to ask veterans or service members if they ever experience sexual assault during service. There are those few who will deny but it’s important to build rapport in order for them to open up about it. Also, what I found useful to know when working with this population is the result of military sexual assault makes it harder to transition back into civilian life. Sexual assaults are a major reason that some service members leave the military, especially females. I believe this is an area that needs special attention because even some end up homeless when the transition into civilian life becomes too difficult. These articles provided ways to increase the awareness of civilian providers for when they do end up working with victims of military sexual

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