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What is a diasaccharide?
two monosaccharide linked together through a dehydration reaction
What is a polysccharide?
polymers of monosaccharides linked together by dehydration reactions.
What is starch?
A storage polysaccharide in plants, consists entirely of glucose monomers.
What is glycogen?
Animals store excess sugar in the form of another glucose polysaccharide. More highly branded than starch.
What is cellulose?
Most abundant organic compound on Earth.
A large polysaccharide composed of many glucose monomers linked into cable-like fibrils that provide structural support in plant cell walls.
What is chitin?
- structural polysaccharide
- used by insects and crustaceans to build their exoskeleton, the hard case enclosing the animal.
- cell walls of fungi
Compare and Contrast starch and cellulose, two plant polysaccharides.
Both are polymers of glucose, but the bonds between glucose monomers have diff. shape. Starch functions mainly for sugar storage. Cellulose is a structural polysaccharide that is the main material of cell walls.
What are lipids?
Diverse compounds that are grouped together because they share one trait: They mix poorly, if at all, with water. Thus hydrophobic.
What is a fat?
A large lipid made from two kinds of smaller molecules: glycerol and fatty acids.
What is the main function of fat?
Energy storage