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a proposed claim that can be tested by trial

how do cells continue glycolysis in anaerobic conditions?

alcoholic fermentation or lactic acid fermentation

what occurs in alcoholic fermentation?

releases CO2, creates acetaldehyde, take electrons from NADH and combines with acetaldehyde, oxidizing NADH to NAD+ creating ethanol

lactic acid fermentation

transfer electrons from NADH to pyruvate, creates lactic acid and oxidizes NADH to NAD+

dialysis tubing

made of cellulose fibers


test for starch, turns purple/black w/ starch

yellow w/o starch

Benedict's test

test for reducing sugar, green/orange, orange red w/sugar

no sugar - blue

Why does a potato gain weight when in water?

Hypotonic solution, more concentration in potato, water moves toward higher concentration

how do you measure enzyme activity?

rate that substrate disappears

rate that product appears