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These cells cover body surfaces, are the external/internal lining of cavities and almost always lie on a layer of loose connective tissue.
Epithelial cells
The hollow intereriors of tubules is called the ____.
The layer of cells closest to the lumen is the ____.
Apical Surface
The deepest layer of cells is the ____.
Basal Surface
The layer of cells between the epithelium and connective tissue is called the ____.
Basement membrane
Flattened epithelial cells with disc-shaped nuclei are ____.
Cube-shaped epithelial cells with prominent, round nuclei are ____
Column shaped epithelial cells with oval nuclei are ____
What is the function of simple squamous epithelium?
Allows for rapid diffusion/osmosis
Where would simple squamous epithelium be found?
Veins/arteries, alveoli, glomerular apparatus
What is the function of simple cuboidal epithelium?
Absorption and secretion
Where is simple cuboidal epithelium found?
Gland ducts (salivary/mammary)
What is the function of simple columnar epithelium?
Secretion of mucus; movement of oocyte and sperm
Where would ciliated simple columnar epithelium be found?
Uterine tubes or large bronchioles
Where would unciliated simple columnar epithelium be found?
The lining of the digestive track
What is the function of pseudostratified columnar epithelium?
Secretion and propelling of mucous
Where would pseudostratified columnar epithelium be found?
respiratory tract; nasal cavity to bronchi
What is the function of keratinized stratified squamous epithelium?
resist abrasion; minimize water loss through skin; keep pathogens out
Where is keratinized stratified squamous epithelium found?
What is the function of nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium?
Resist abrasion and keep pathogens out
Where would nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium be found?
anal canal and vagina
What is the function of stratified cuboidal epithelium?
Sweat secretion; secretes ovarian hormones and produces sperm
Where is stratified cuboidal epithelium found?
Ovary follices; seminiferous tubules
What is the function of transitional epithelium?
Stretch to allow filling of the urinary tract
Where is transitional epithelium found?
What kind of muscle tissue is striated, voluntary and multinucleated?
Skeletal muscle
What kind of muscle tissue is striated, involuntary, mononucleated and has intercalated discs?
Cardiac muscle
What kind of muscle tissue is not striated, involuntary and mononucleated?
Smooth muscle
Short branched processes that receive signals from other cells and transmit the information to the soma are called?
The insulating layer around a nerve fiber is called the what?
Myelin sheath
Gaps between the myelin sheath are called what?
Nodes of Ranvier
In the CNS, gray matter is on the ____ and white matter is on the ____.
Gel-like matrix with different types of connective tissue fibers that wraps and cushions organs and connects epithelial tissue to underlying tissues is what?
Areolar Tissue
Where is areolar tissue located?
Under epithelium
Connective tissue that functions in metabolic fuel storage, thermal insulation and organ support/protection is what?
Adipose tissue
Where is adipose tissue located?
Under the skin and within the abdomen
A network of reticular fibers in loose ground substance that forms a soft internal skeleton to support other cell types is what kind of connective tissue?
Reticular Tissue
Where is reticular tissue found?
Lymph organs
What is the function of dense regular connective tissue?
Bind bones together; resist stress
Where is dense regular connective tissue found?
Tendons and ligaments
What is the function of dense irregular connective tissue?
Withstand stress from unpredictable directions
Where is dense irregular connective tissue found?
Deep in the dermis; encapsulates organs
What is the function of hyaline cartilage?
Ease joint movement; hold airway open during respiration
Where is hyaline cartilage found?
Covers the end of long bones
What is the function of elastic cartliage?
Flexible elastic support; maintain shape
Where is elastic cartliage located?
External ear
What is the function of fibrocartilage?
Resist compression and absorb shock
Where is fibrocartliage found?
Inter-vertebral discs and menisci
Small spider web looking canals that connect lacunae in bone are called what?
Rings of the Haversian system are called what?
A central canal and its surrounding lamellae is called what?
Canals that run longitudinally through long bones are called what?
Central Canals
RBC that have no nuclei and transport O2/CO2 are called what?
WBC that defend against infection are called what?