Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 2 P2

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P2 Task two
The tissues are structures formed by a group of billion of cells with a similar structure. A group of cells together form tissues, tissues from organs and organs are form system organs. There are four different types of basic animal tissue:
1) Epithelial Tissue:
This tissue is formed of one or a few layers of cells adhere to a basement membrane. it is found in internal and external organs surfaces. It is divides into:
a) Squamous Epithelium
- Squamous Simple Epithelium: the cells of this tissue are thin and flat and its surface is large. Its function is to filtrate and diffuse molecules such as carbon dioxide and oxygen. Also this tissue can determinate what moves from the lumen into the bloodstream. This type of tissues can be
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Also it can be found in blood vessels and nerves. This tissue can be found in mucous membranes, nerves or around blood vessels. Its functions are to provide strength, elasticity and support to the skin and muscles.
d) Compact Connective Bone Tissue: this tissue contains collagen and calcium phosphate which gives to the bone strength and firmness. The functions of this tissue is to support other softer tissues, to protect internal organs, to help in the movement of skeletal muscles attached to bones, to storage minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, to product platelets, blood cells such as leucocytes and erythrocytes. Also storage chemical energy. This tissue as it name says is found in bones.
e) Blood: this type of tissue is found in around all our body in arteries, arterioles, capillaries and veins. The functions of this tissue are to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide, water, urea, hormones, enzymes, glucose, amino acids, plasma proteins, leucocytes and erythrocytes which are blood cells. Also maintains the temperature, control PH, regulates the excess of salt and remove

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