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Why Study the Bible?

Western Civilization: Literature, Music, Quotes, Pop culture, Art, History

Contemporary Issues: Homosexuality, women's roles, environment

Origins of the Name

Byblos, place famous for making papyrus, biblos = greek for book/papyrus = little books


A defined set of books, authoritative, for a community of faith in teaching, preaching & conduct

Different collections of canons

Alexandria, Egypt - Palestine - essenes at qumran


Jewish Bible


Greek Bible, Translation from Hebrew to greek, more books, different order


Latin Bible

Apocryphal Books

Protestants called the books found in Septuagint but not in Hebrew bible this

Deuterocanonical Books

Catholics called the books found originally in Septuagint but not in Hebrew bible this


god makes known himself and his will to humanity through words and deeds


the influence of the holy spirit on a human author such that what is written is gods word


scripture teaches faithfully and without error that truth which god put into writing for the sake of salvation -with no error, there may be errors in matters of history, science, and geography, but not in faith and salvation

Codices / Codex

leather bound books preserved in jars in Egypt found in 1945

Dead Sea Scrolls (1947)

found in caves and were a breakthrough because they were 1000 years older than anything else previously found/recovered. They found it out because of the pottery jars in the community were similar

Language of the text

no punctuation, no vowels, no capital letters, which causes confusion - different words that are emphasised / without the comma create different meanings and interpretations

In Dei Verbum, What did god reveal?

himself and his will

in Dei Verbum how did god reveal

through words and deeds, for christians through christ

In Dei Verbum, For what purpose did god reveal

so that humanity can share gods divine life

In Dei Verbum, Why did god reveal

Out of an abundance of love


the holy spirit dictates every word to the author who faithfully writes it down


the holy spirit communicated the idea and the authors express it in their own words


the critical interpretation of a text (follows a method)

Historical-Critical Method

Text Criticism, Literary Criticism, Form Criticism, Redaction Criticism

Synthetic Parallelism

states the same thought in successive lines

Antithetic Parallelism

balance is achieved through opposite or contrasting thoughts

"in the beginning..."

God wasn't around before heaven and earths creation

"When god began creating..."

asserts that earth already existed and god decided one day to create the earth as we know it and the heavens

Creatio ex nihilo

Creation out of nothing, the belief that there is no matter already in existence when god is created

Imago Dei

The image of god, there is a likeness between god and humanity that allows a relationship. Every human person is created in the divine image

The creator in Part I Genesis


The creator in Part II Genesis


The activity of god in part 1 genesis

he created

the activity of god in part 2 genesis

he made/formed

the order he created in part 1 genesis

light, heaven/water, dry land, sun/moon/stars, birds/fish, animals, humans

(building a house during the day, make the ceilings, plumbing, flooring, electricity, decorations in the ceiling and then animals and move in)

the order he made in part 2 genesis

earth, heavens, waters, the man, gardens/trees, rivers, all animals, every bird, the woman

(Here is a ball, and a thing above the ball and below it, heres a man, here is the background of the set (gardens and trees), here are some animal friends to keep him company, here are all these birds because theyre pretty, here is a woman)

what do they call the humans part 1 genesis


what do they call the humans part 2 genesis


how does god create them part 1 genesis

from command

how does god create them part 2 genesis

from dust

what is the job of the humans part 1 genesis

have dominion of the earth

what is the job of the humans part 2 genesis

to care for the earth

how is the creator part 1 genesis


how is the creator part 2 genesis

hands on

what is the overall ending part 1 genesis

story of the sabbath

what is the ending of part 2 genesis



life before sin/before the fall, adam and eve are open w god and comfortable in their own skin and others, and care for the garden


life after sin, adam and eve hide from god, they are ashamed of their bodies and blame others, the soil is cursed

Documentary hypothesis

postulated multiple stories for the pentateuch, doublets (lord vs god), vocab (male/man), divine name, style and pt of view

Original sin

the first sin that affects humans from their origins, all human beings are born into a world tainted by sin and themselves are then prone to it. disobedience of god was the first sin

obedience of noah

noah did all that god commanded and ended up basically being the new adam and eve

tower of babel ziggurats (stepped temples)

ziggurats (stepped temples) made to get closer to god in a flat land like mesopotamia