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he began to reign
in the eighth year of Josiah's life
he began to seek the Lord
in the eighth year of Josiah's reign
Jeremiah began his prophetic ministry
in the 13th year of Josiah's reign
the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ
"Branch of Righteousness"
the book of Jeremiah
predicted Babylonian Captivity and its length
the book of Ezekiel
a prophetic autobiography
the book of Lamentations
eveals Jeremiah's sorrow over the fall of Judah
he was called to his prophetic ministry
in the fifth year of Ezekiel's captivity
include a promise that the Shepherd will gather his flock
Ezekiel, Chapters 33 through 48
prophesy about four world kingdoms
Daniel, Chapters 7 through 12
Josiah began to rid Jerusalem and Judah of idolatry in the __________ year of his reign.
A book of the Law was found in the Temple, which was being repaired, during the _____ year of Josiah'S reign
Among the major and minor prophets in the Old Testament, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel are classified as minor prophets.
Daniel used the Hebrew term for week to refer to a period of seven ____ .
Jeremiah ministered to the captives in Babylon by letter and to the "remnant" (small group) remaining with him in Judah.
Ezekiel was probably influenced by the reforms of King Jeremiah and the ministry of the prophet Josiah.
The purpose of _____ ministry was to bring the nation in exile back to the God of their covenant.
Daniel requested the Babylonian officials to assign him and his companions a special ___ because they wanted to faithfully observe the Law of Moses.
Faithful to his God, Daniel continued his practice of kneeling in his room three times a day and praying to his God, in spite of the edict of Darius, which forbade worship of all gods except the king.
Daniel was made third ruler in the kingdom of ____ .
Daniel was appointed one of three princes over all 120 governors in the kingdom of ____
Daniel was made ruler over the whole province of Babylon by King ___
Daniel was a prophet of God to ___
Both of the above.
A scroll written by Jeremiah was cut to pieces and burned by King ___
Jeremiah suffered sorely at the hands of Zedekiah because he had ___
Both of the above.
Jeremiah was a relative and probably a close advisor of King ___
Like Jeremiah, Ezekiel was the son of a ___
Ezekiel was among those captives who were ___
Permitted to live in settlements
In which year of the Captivity was Ezekiel called to his prophetic ministry?
1. Explain the role of a prophet.
2. Give one example of a prophet and tell what he did.
Daniel is the prophet that I chose. Daniel predicted dreams and writings. He was very important and all the kings that helped him gave him special recognition for there gratitute of Daniel helping them.