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Who gave Moses the table of stone with the law and commandment?


When God appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai how did He appear?

As fire

How many days was Moses on the mountain top?

40 days

God commanded Moses to take a willing offering from the people.What was the purpose of this offering?

To make a sanctuary as a dwelling place for God

Who was the architect for the tabernacle?


Name the seven pieces of furniture in the tabernacle.

1. Brazen wash basin

2. A brazen altar

3. A table of showbread

4. A lamp stand

5. An altar of incense

6. The ark of the covenant

7. The mercy seat

In what shape were the seven pieces of furniture in the tabernacle to be arranged?

The cross

What materials made the tabernacle walls?

Gold plated boards

What materials made the roof of the tabernacle?

Four layers of cloth and leather

Quote Numbers 6:24-26

"The Lord bless you and keep you;The Lord make his Face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up his Countenance upon you and give you peace."

What three things did God give Moses from Mount Sinai?

1. The ten commandments

2. The civil and religious laws

3. Plans for the tabernacle

What were the outside dimensions of the tabernacle?

75 feet wide-150 feet long

How high was the fence hat surrounded the tabernacle?

7 1/2 feet high

Why did the gate of the tabernacle face the east?

It pointed toward the sun.The light represents Jesus

There are four basic colors used in the tabernacle,purple,scarlet,blue,and white.What does each color represent?

Purple-royalty,Scarlet-blood,Blue-Heaven and white-purity

The tabernacle is a picture of three things. Salvation,Christ and ___ ______.

The church

The roof of the inner tabernacle was made of "badger" skins. What animal was the writer of Exodus talking about?

The porpoise

What was the first article of of furniture a person would see upon entering the Tabernacle?

The Altar of the Burnt Offering

How many altar tools were used,how many animals were acceptable as sacrifice and how many offering were made in the tabernacle?

5 tools,5 different animals and 5 offerings (5 of each)

Who started the first fire that consumed the sacrifice on the altar?

The Lord

Why was the tabernacle floor left unfinished of bare desert sand?

To remind man that he came from earth and would return to earth.

The candlestick in the tabernacle represents who and why?

Jesus,the light of the world

Name three arks that are mentioned in the Bible.

Ark of Noah,Ark of Moses,and Ark of the Covenant

The ark of the tabernacle contained Aaron's rod. What does it represent to us?


What petition did Moses present to the Lord near the close of his life?

That the Lord would provide him a successor (Numbers 27:15-23)

What did the Lord command Moses to do immediately after he had made his final speech to the people?

To go up Mount Nebo,where he should die. (Deut. 32:48-52)

What splendid view did the Lord give Moses before he died?

The Land of Canaan. (Deut. 34:2-4)

How old was Moses when he died?

120 years old (Duet. 34:7)

Who led the Israelites after Moses died?

Joshua (Joshua 1:1-5

What command did God dive Joshua after the death of Moses?

"Now therefore arise go over this Jordan,thou,and all this people unto the land which I do give to them. (Joshua 1:2)

What command of God is repeated several times to Joshua?

"Be strong and of good courage."

What was the first thing done by Joshua after he became their leader?

He sent two spies to find out about the land and the people (Joshua 2)

Who hid the israelite spies in Jericho?

Rahab (Joshua 2:1-7)

What report did the spies bring back?

God was going to give all the land into the israelites hands (Joshua 2:24)

What promise did the two spies make to Rahab?

To save her life and the lives of her family who were in her house when Jericho was taken

What did Rahab tie to her window to mark where she lived?

A scarlet cord

What river did the Israelites have to cross before they could get to the Promised Land?

Jordan River (Joshua 3:1)

How high was the water of the Jordan River when the Israelites' crossed?

Flood stage (Joshua 3:15)

How did Israel cross the Jordan?

The Lord piled up the water in a heap and they crossed on dry land (Joshua 3:16)

Who stood in the middle of the Jordan while people crossed?

The priests who carried the Ark of the Covenant

God told Joshua to select 12 men to pick up what as they crossed the Jordan?

A stone (Joshua 4:3)

What was Joshua suppose to do with the stones from the riverbed?

Set up a Memorial (Joshua 4:9)

At what place did the Israelites pitch their first camp in Canaan?


What was the first city the israelites were to conquer in the Promised Land?

Jericho (Joshua 6:2)

Whom did Joshua meet when he went to view the city of Jericho?

The Captain of the Lord's army

How many days did the Israelites march around Jericho before the walls fell down?


How many times did they march around Jericho on the last day?


What were the people to do after marching around Jericho seven times?


What sounded after the israelites march around Jericho seven times?


What happened after the israelites marched arond Jericho in obedience to God's command?

Walls fell down (Joshua 6:15-20)