Joshua Influence

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After the passing of one of Israel’s greatest leaders Joshua, Moses predecessor took charge as chief in command of the Israelites. God used Moses not only to lead Israel in his ways and commands, but to also transform Joshua into an extraordinary leader and a spokesman for God. For forty years Joshua followed Mosses as his predecessor. Joshua was a brilliant military leader and strong spiritual influence in training. Joshua’s first experience as a military general came in the battle with Amalek where according to (Exodus 17:9-16 NASB), Joshua learned the power of intercession and that God reserved zero tolerance for rebellion. Moses told Joshua to choose men to go out and engage the Amalekites. Moses stood at the top of the rock at Horeb with …show more content…
(Hence, Moses and Aaron speak to God directly in the tent of meeting). Being educated on the importance of communion with God and men, Joshua also learned the nature and personality of God, the Glory of God, that power, salvation, leadership and so much more came from God, not man. Through his occupational training Joshua was able to experience and appreciate personally the mystery, love and mercy of God.
At the death of Moses at the age of 120 years old, Joshua’s replaced Moses as leader of the Israelites. Joshua came after the older faithless generation who God had commanded to conquer the promise land (Cannon) failed to obey as God had commanded. Upon the death of the last of the unbelieving generation Joshua was allowed to lead the younger generation across the Jorden into the Promised Land.
Joshua’s success in his conquests came as product of his obedience and submission to God as well as submission to his instructor. When God spoke, Joshua waited, listened and obeyed. Joshua learned what I believe to be one of the most important lessons in the life of a believer. Prior to making any decision, one should take time alone seeking the guidance and wisdom of God. Moses demonstrated this very often. Joshua was a model of obedience to the Israelites. As a result the Israelites remained faithful to God throughout Joshua
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Upon my continued attendance, I was chosen to help build the foundations of a new ministry. The Lord used on of his elders not only to extract gifts that I never realized had laid dormant with in me, but to also utilize these gifts for edification of the church. After about a year of training and service within this ministry, I was graciously moved in order to learn to utilize these gifts on my own in a way that would not only ultimately glorify God, but would continue to edify the church and reach out to an untapped

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