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Social Psychology

1. Milgram - Obedience to Authority

2. Zimbardo - Stanford Prison Experiment

3. Pillavin - Subway Samaritanism

4. Tajfel - Intergroup Discrimination

Cognitive psychology

1. Mann et al. - Suspects and Lying

2. Loftus and Pickerell - False Memories

3. Held and Hein - Kitten Carousel

Developmental psychology

Bandura - Social Learning Theory

Freud - Little Hans

Langlois - Infant facial prefferences

Nelson - Children's morals

Physiological psychology

Schachter and Singer - Emotions

Dement and Kleitman - Sleep Patterns

Maguire - Taxi driver

Demattè - Smells

Individual differences

1. Rosenhan - Mental Assylum

2. Thigpen and Cleckley - Story of Eve

3. Baron-Cohen - Reading eyes test

4. Veale and Riley - Body Dismorphic Dis.