The Abnormal Psychology Study

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Psychology encompasses all aspects of the human mind and because the mind is nearly limitless in its thought and function, several areas of psychology must be present to cover the diverse nature of psychology. Psychology isn’t just the study of different aspects of the mind. It is a study of interactions, reactions, cognitive processes, environmental, abnormal, as well as several more areas within the field of psychology. The APA lists 54 different fields within the field of psychology (APA, 2015). It is a very diverse area of study. Because the study of psychology searches for the ultimate true function of the mind and behaviors associated with the mind, the diverse nature of the field deserves much respect and careful attention.
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Two subdivisions within psychology that I find fascinating are abnormal psychology and lifespan and human development. Abnormal psychology dives deep into the mind to diagnose and treat mental disorders individuals may have (Encyclopedia, 2012). This is a subdivision of psychology which most people think about when they hear the word “psychology.” Treatment of mental disorders plays a key role in the science aspect of psychology and its practice seeks to understand how the body affects the mind and how the mind affects the body. This symbiotic relationship is important to understand in this subdivision of psychology. Within this subdivision, there are subtopics of abnormal psychology that helps the field gain understanding into the human mind. Two subtopics is the study of neuroscience and biology. These subtopics works together with abnormal psychology by allowing science to show the biological factors that may result in a person’s mental disorders through taking MRI’s and CT scans of the brain. Another critical subdivision of psychology is equally if not more important to all individuals. This subdivision of psychology is lifespan and human development. This subdivision of psychology studies the impact of nature vs nurture and …show more content…
The two that relate most to the chosen subtopics are the perspectives of psychoanalysis as well as the cognitive behavioral perspective. Psychoanalysis dives deep into the unconscious mind and the subconscious to determine the behavior of people (APA, APA, 2015). The issue with psychoanalysis is the length of treatment that is recommended. Often times the time it takes a psychologist to gain trust and analyze the patients subconscious, it has been a long duration of time which may be often times an inconvenient and vulnerable approach. Cognitive behavioral perspectives dive into how the mind affects the body and how the body affects the mind (Institute, 2015). Unlike psychoanalysis which has become somewhat controversial as the field of psychology advances, the cognitive behavioral approach has been picking up steam in its effectiveness and treatment for mental disorders. Although the approach to these two perspectives differ, they ultimately have the same goal, and that is to understand how the mind plays a role in the behavior of

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