Influence Of Biological Psychology

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Human mind, behaviour, feelings and thought are interested study. By explores the brain and the nervous system in relation to human behaviour, it helps to find ways of changing undesirable behaviour that linked with health. There are six basic perspectives that influence the psychologist’s study. One of the most important perspectives is biological psychology. This field of psychology is a powerful energy in modern society and its influence of human and animal behaviour. In other words, biological psychology is emphasis on behaviour that result of chemical and biological processes within brain and nervous system. Richard Arvey and Zhang Zhen (2013) mentioned that biological factors could affect human motivation in their daily
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Genetic variations will lead to different between individuals. There two types of influences genes such as direct and indirect influence. Generally, direct influence is genes that have complete control of outcome. In other hand, indirect influence is a gene that without control of outcome but the genes can influence behaviour. By study human behaviour toward genetic, it can result a better understand of individuals characteristics, appearance, thinks and feels. This will help to describe, explain, predict and change behaviour of …show more content…
The hormones can be proteins, peptides, steroids or monoamines. These hormones circulate in the bloodstream in very low concentrations. Moreover, hormones exercise their effects on endocrine and non-endocrine target organs by binding to the cell surface or intracellular receptors. According to Carolyn Johnstone (2014), hormone production and release are controlled by the nervous system and by hormonal feedback mechanisms. The endocrine glands produce hormones or chemical messengers that are secreted into the interstitial fluid, diffuse into blood capillaries
and are transmitted via the circulatory system to target organs. The receptors of those target organs are molecules containing of proteins that bind with hormones to stimulate particular physiological changes in the target

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