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State the structural difference between alpha and beta glucose
Alpha OH at C1 is at bottom
Beta OH at C1 is at top
Describe structure of alpha glucose
>Hexose 6C monosaccharide sugar
>Ring structure
Explain how structure of glucose relates to function
Animals and plants have enzymes shaped to break down alpha-glucose but not beta-glucose as the shape is different. Provides energy via respiration.
Define carbohydrate
Group of molecules containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio Cn(H20)n. Sugars, starches, glycogen and cellulose.
What is the term for two glucose molecules bonded together?
Disaccharide - maltose
What is the term for lots of glucose molecules bonded together?
Polysaccharide - amylose
Describe the structure of starch and glycogen.
>Many alpha-glucose molecules chained together by glycosidic bonds formed by condensation reactions
>Branched chains
>1 to 4 links
Condensation or hydrolysis reactions in living organisms are catalysed by ______.
Polysaccharides consist of hundreds of thousands of _______ monomers.
Describe the structure of cellulose.
>Many beta-glucose molecules joined together form fibres
>Fibres are hydrogen bonded to form bundles of microfibrils
>Microfibrils are hydrogen bonded to form bundles called macrofibrils
Define structure of amylose.
>Part of starch molecules
>Lots of alpha-glucose chained together
Define the function of cellulose.
Structural support in plants
Show how the glycosidic bond is formed and broken.
Name the bond in carbohydrates.
Where are starch and glycogen found?
Starch in plants
Glycogen in animal and funghi