Monosaccharide Lab Report

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A monosaccharide is a one-ringed sugar (part of the carbohydrate category) that is not bonded to any other molecules. A monosaccharide is a monomer of a disaccharide. A disaccharide is two monosaccharides bonded together. The prefixes “mono-“ and “di-“ indicate the amount of rings in the sugar. In this experiment, disaccharides were tested using an enzyme as part of a chemical reaction. A chemical reaction changes substances into different substances by breaking and forming chemical bonds. In a chemical reaction, there are two main parts: the reactants and the products. The reactants are the substances changed in a chemical reaction. The products are the substances created by the chemical reaction. In many cases of chemical reactions, substances called catalysts are utilized. Catalysts are substances that decrease the activation energy needed to start a …show more content…
In this case, we added the lactase solution (independent variable) to milk. The dependent variable of this experiment was milk. In this case, the amount of glucose produced in the milk (dependent variable) was measured. The constants of this experiment were the amounts of liquids (10 mL of milk and 1 mL of lactase), time to break down before testing (6 minutes), temperature, and type of container (test tube). The purpose of the experiment was to test the effect of the enzyme lactase on the milk solution. Because milk contains lactose (broken down by lactase to produce glucose and galactose), the purpose of this experiment was to test if milk contained glucose with the enzyme lactase. The milk was also tested by itself to see if glucose was present without lactase. If the lactase (independent variable) is added to the milk, then glucose will be present in the milk because the substrate (lactose in milk) matches the active site of the enzyme lactase and can therefore be broken down into glucose and

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