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Define Cosmetology

is the science of beautifying and improving the complexion, skin, hair and nails

How many hours it takes to take an cosmetology examination?

it takes 1500 clock hours to take the cosmetology examination

How many additional hours it takes to become an instructor?

it take an additional 600 hours to become an instructor
Define Manicuring

is the artful care of the hands

Define Electrolist
is any person who removes hair from or destorys hair for beautification by use of an electric needle

How many hours it take to become a manicurist?

hours it take to become a manicurist

What is the arkansas health department?

the division of cosmetology is governed by what arkanasas agency

How many memebers serve on the adisory committee?

7 members

Define Reciprocity

when a cosmetolgist,etc. moves to another state and submits application to transfer license to the new state

What is the address of the arkansas of the department of health, cosmetology division?

4815 w . markham street, slot 8, little rock, ar 72205

What are the passing grade for the practical part? what is the passing grade for the writen part ? what is the required grade for the state law exam?

a passsing grade or 75 is required in the practical part and a grade of 70 is required in the wriiten part pertaining to the mandated curriculum, as well as the state law exam. in additon, a grade of 70 is required on the state law exam when taken independently
Define Aestetician

is licensed to practice of beautifying of the body by cleaning, waxing, externally manipulating, or stimulating the body
Define Inspector

is the person from the stae board of health that inspects a salon or cosmetology school and conduct state board examinations

How many memberws of the state borad of health? How many years they serve? Within how many years?

the cosmetology technical advisory committee consists of 7 members appointed by the state board of health. they serve for 2 years with a maximum of 10 years

What does the department of health only accpects in payments?

personal check or money order only

How old do you atleast have to be to attend a cosmetology program? How many years you have to complete of high school?

to attend a cosmetology program, you must be at least 16 years of age and have completed 2 years of high school or the equivalent

How many years of lifetime for license for a currently licensed pratitioner?

lifetime license for a currently licensed pratitioner that is 65 years or older and has been actively engagged in the practice or teaching of cosmetology for thirty 30 years or more

What happens before the 10th month of a cosmetology student?

a cosmetology students hours must be reported by the instructor before the 10th of the month

What does a salon have to have to disposited a towels or an air dryer for hands?

a salon has have a soap dispenser with soap and disposited towles or an air dryer for hands

Why should a towel be covered recptacle?

after a towel has once been used, it shall be deposited in a covered recptacle, and shall not again be used until properly laundered and sanitized
Define Protection

EP stands for: the united states environmental protection agency
Define Health

Each school and each salon shall supply drinking water from a supply meeting the requirements set forth by the arkanasas department of health

After all the towels, robes, and similar items are used what should you do?

all cloth towles, robes and similar items shall be washed in a washing machine with laundry detergent and chlorine bleach restricted to the washing and drying of towels, etc.

Closed/ Closed

a closed dust proof cabinet must be provided for clean towels and closed hamper or receptacle must be provided for all soiled towels, robes and linens.