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Do you ever wonder what a cosmetologist does? A cosmetologist is a person who is involved in the cosmetics, nail, skin, and hair care. When I heard what a cosmetologist does, I wanted to investigate and know more about the career. Cosmetology inspires me, and I do have the love for makeup. Someday I would like to become one and open my own hair salon. But first, I need to know the requirements to actually have that profession.
Before I decide a career in cosmetology, I am going to look at the items that would indicate what the job suits my skills and abilities. I will also look at all the requirements that go into preparing to get that job. I will investigate the education needed for a cosmetologists. I will learn about the tools and technology a beautician’s use. Finally, I will find out how much the job pays and a hairstylists salary.
In order to start your own business and open your own hair salon, you need of course education. You need to graduate from high school and have your high school diploma. Did you know that all states require a cosmetologist to be licensed? According to “Hairdressers, Hairstylists, and Cosmetologists::Job Requirements.” states “to qualify for a license, candidates are required to graduate from a state-approved barber or cosmetology program and then pass
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Of course everyone knows that a cosmetologist work in a hair salon. But could their be other places they can work? In his article "What Is the Work Environment Like for a Hair Stylist?", Jeffrey Joyner suggests that “they may be an employee of the salon, or may rent space and work independently. Some resorts, cruise ships and hotels also employ hairdressers as a guest amenity. A limited number of hairstylists offer their services to the homebound, hospital patients or nursing home residents. Some work in a spa, hotel,resort, or some just lease booth space in other salons. (Hairdressers, Hairstylists, and

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