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Eastern State Penitentiary

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John Haviland (1823-25)

Baron Haussman

Plan of Paris (1853)

-notable for solving problems of overcrowding and traffic

Eugène Viollet-le-Duc

Design for a Concert Hall

Gothic principles in modern materials

The Breakers (1892-5)

Richard Morris Hunt

Newport, Rhode Island

*was bought and belonged to Vanderbilt family, built during Gilded Age and was made in Italian Renaissance Style

Iron Bridge (1775-79)

Thomas Pritchard (built by Abraham Darby)

Coalbrookedale, England

-gets people across

-looks sturdy, makes sure people feel safe

Clifton Suspension Bridge (1846-64)

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Bristol, England

-encouraged area development

-possible enabled suicide (jumping off)

Paddington Station (1850-55)

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

London, England

Palm House (1844-8)

Decimus Burton & Robert Turner

Kew Gardens, London

-keeps cool species of plants that wouldn't live there otherwise; all in all useless

-let's you know authority

-shows expanse of british empire

Great Stove (1848)

Joseph Paxton

Chatsworth, England

Crystal Palace (1851)

Joseph Paxton


-destroyed by fire

Galerie des Machines (1889 dem. 1901)

C.L.F. Dutert with Victor Contamin

Paris, France

-originally made for paris international expose

Ames Gate Lodge (1880-1)
H.H. Richardson

North Easton, Massachusetts

-oversized stone wall, arched gate, and gatehouse building, perhaps inspired by central park bridges

Gamble House (1907-08)

Greene & Geene

Pasadena, Ca

-insp. from Japanese culture, good combination of nature/plants

-high vase = no children in that room

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (1871-6)

Furness & Hewitt

Philadelphia, PA

-extremely classy, interior shows wealth and intellect

Marshall Field Warehouse (1885-7)

H.H. Richardson

Chicago, Illinois

Helped elevate Chicago to the world of trade

The Rookery (1886)

Daniel Burnham & John Root

Chicago, Illinois

-Lobby Design by F.L. Wright

Monadnock Building (1889)

Chicago, IL

Schlesinger Mayor Store (1899)


-additions (1903-4)

Antonio Gaudi (1884-)

Barcelona, Spain

-Extremely Grandiose


Paris (1894-98)