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Which of the following statements best describes the clothing industry in the late ninteenth century?
The sewing machine made mass manufacturing of clothing possible and clothing more affordable.
The Pendleton Act was enacted in response to
the assassination of President James Garfield
Which of the following colonial powers exercised the least amount of control over the commercial and political practices in their colonies?
Great Britain
Which of the following was true of a married woman in the colonial era?
She generally lost control of her property when she married.
President Washington's Neutrality Proclamation of 1793 was issued in response to
French diplomatic overtures to invoke Franco-American Alliance
Which of the following labor organizations endorsed the philosophy of "bread and butter" unionism by concentrating on demands for higher wages, shorter hours, and improved working conditions?
The American Federation of Labor
In the election of 1844,
Polk narrowly won the platform of expansion, a lower tariff, and the Independent Treasury system
Andrew Jackson supported all of the following EXCEPT
the right of nullification
The VA resolves
protested against the Stamp Act of 1765
Which of the following historians is most closely associated with the idea that economic factors have shaped American history?
Charles Beard
The first proprietary colony was
The vision of America as a country of yeoman farmers is most often associated with
Thomas Jefferson
Other lady who supposedly started the civil war earlier
Peggy Eaton
The individual who best represented the Enlightenment in colonial America was
Benjamin Franklin
Which of the following was true of the NE Am. Indian tribes at the time Europeans 1st began colonizing?
Their political and linguistic differences hindered their united opposition to the Europeans
In the 17th cent. which of the following was true of slavery in Br. N. America?
The # of slaves increased rapidly in the last quarter of the cent.
The intent of the Dawes Act of 1887 was to
assimiliate Am. Indians into the mainstream of Am. culture
The principle of freedom of the press in colonial Am. was established by the
trial of Peter Zenger
Settlers who established the Br. colony in VA during the 17th cent. were primarily seeking to
profit economically
The issuance of the Monroe Doctrine did which of the following?
asserted american independence in the realm of foreign policy
To Andrew Jackson, the spoils system
benefited the political process
At the end of the War of 1812, Daniel Webster opposed the protective tariff. 15 yrs later he had switched his position to favoring protective tariffs. Why?
The base of the New Eng. economy changed from shipping and commerce to industrial production.
The high wages enjoyed by colonial workers were primarily caused by
existence of so much land
In 1840 the Am. Antislavery Society split into factions b/c
William Llyod Garrison's advocacy of women's rights and pacifism alienated some members
The farmer's protest movement lost momentum at the end of the 1890's for all of the following except
the absorbtion of the populists by the AFL (american federation of Labor)
According to Jay's Treaty
the British agreed finally to evacuate the NW posts
The greatest achievement of the govt under the Articles of Confederation was its establishment of
a system for orderly settlement of the West
The goals of educational reformers in the antebellum years included all of the following EXCEPT
federal financing of secondary education
In the 17th cent. the Greatest Migration refers to the
settlement of the Puritans in MA Bay
Which of the planks from the 1892 Populist Party platform showed a concern with issues raised by organized labor?
Restrictions on immigration
The Monroe Doctrine stated all of the following policies EXCEPT
The US would intervene in the problems South American countries had with other nations
Which of the following events occured LAST?
The secession of VA
In *Marbury vs. Madison* the Chief Justice John Marshall argued successfully that the Supreme Court could
delcare federal laws unconstitutional
The outcome of the disputed election of 1876 was significant b/c it
meant the end of Reconstruction
Sen. Stephen A Douglas managed to engineer the Compromise of 1850 by
securing passage of the different parts of the Compromise as seperate laws
The outcome of the election of 1824 between JQA and Andrew Jackson was decided by
the House of Reps
In addition to the Embargo Act of 1807, a significant factor in the development of Am. industry in the pd 1800-1820 was
protective tariffs
The Chautauqua movement was
an early form of adult education
Which of the following statements about colonial policies in the 18th cent. is true?
The colonial assemblies controlled taxes and expenditures
The Battle of Saratoga resulted in
France entering the war on the side of the colonies
Ratification of the Constitution
needed the approval of nine states
All of the following statements about slavery and the constitution are true EXCEPT
The slave trade was immediately abolished
In the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the War of 1812,
nothing was settled beyond a restoration of the prewar status quo
Which of the following was the main issue in *Munn vs. Illinois*?
State regulation of grain elevator operators and railroad rates
Which problem did farmers face in the late 19th cent.?
long vs. short hauls
Which of the following best describes the position of William Llyod Garrison?
immediate abolition of slavery w/o compensation to slave owners
Shays' Rebellion suggests that the most important problem facing the US after the Revolution was
economic problems caused by debt and high taxes
The 1st federal law to restrict immigration, passed in 1882, was aimed at
excluding Chinese immigrants
In the post C.War pd, the idea that African-Americans should concentrate on economic betterment rather than political or social equality was advanced by
Booker T. Washington
Jacob Coxey's 1894 march on Washington, D.C., called for
an increase in the supply of paper money
Which of the following colonies was founded as a haven for Catholics?
The injunction as a court order was often used in the late 19th and 20th cent. to
prevent labor unions from striking
As a consequence of the French and Indian War,
Am. colonists began to distrust the actions of the Br. govt
During the Am. Revolution, the state that benefited the most from a demand for foodstuffs was
One of the consequences of the Great Awakening was
a challenge for traditional beliefs
The "Critical Period" in Am. history refers to the
US under the Articles of Confed.
During the presidency of Andrew Jackson, the issue that triggered the debate over the states' rights was
tariff policy
Which of the following sources would NOT be useful in understanding the military campaigns of the C. War?
Presidential speeches
The Annapolis Convention was called b/c
the Confederation COngress had proved incapable of dealing with commerical issues
In the negotiations that led to the Treaty of Paris and formally ended the Revolution, the Americans
won many concessions through seperate bargaining with the British
Gabriel's rebellion, a VA slave revolt in 1800
was planned but never took place
The majority of people came to America in the colonial pd for which of the following reasons
to seek economic gain
Which of the strategic objectives did the North accomplish last during the C. War?
capturing the Confederate capital of Richmond
Which was not true concerning the Alien and Sedition Acts?
They were used by the prez to silence his political opponents, the Federalist newspaper editors
Which of the following has not been advanced as an explanation for the development of slavery in colonial Am.?
black slavery in G. Britain as an example
It began as a debate over federal land policy and ended as a debate over state's rigts and the nature of the federal union. What is described?
Webster-Hayne debate
Designed as an attempt to secure the loyalty of the French to their new rulers, this act broke new ground in toleration and statesmanship. Unfortunately for the Br., the Americans saw only sinister designs. The Act was the
Quebec Act
wrote about war, slums and prostituion. man is swept along by the environment
Stephen Crane
The survival of Jamestown can most be directly attributed to the
development of a tobacco industry
The acts of trade and navigation had all of the following consequences in the colonies EXCEPT
low prices were charged for English imports
The Boston Tea Party had which of the following causes?
Parliament's efforts to improve the profits of the BEIC
Enlightenment philosophers believed in all of the following things except
God is the primary authority for govt