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Components of the Compromise of 1850 for the North
(3 things)
California enters as a free state
Territory disputed by Texas and N. Mexico surrender to N. Mexico
Slave trade is abolished in Washington DC, but not anywhere else
Components of the Fugitive Slave Act
(4 things)
Slaves cannot testify
Slaves have no jury trial
The judge receives $5 if slave is freed and $10 if returned
Fines and/or jail for those who hinder the return of slaves
Kansas Nebraska Act
Nebraska comes in as a free state
Kansas to be decided by popular sovereignty
Components of the Compromise of 1850 for the South
(3 things)
The rest of the territory is decided to be free or slave by popular sovereignty
Texas reimbursed 10 million
More strict Fugitive Slave Law
Ostend Manifesto
South wants Cuba
Spanish seize a US steamer; Pierce wants to treat it like an act of war
Pierce sends diplomats; negotiations break down
North finds out; enraged
Significance of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Very popular stereotypes created
Helped spread abolitionism and sectionalism
Huge impact
Presidents of 1850
What was the Know Nothing Party against
(2 things)
Irish Catholics
What was the Know Nothing Party for
Native Protestants
What unified the Republican party
Dred-Scott Case
Scott was the slave of an army doctor who had died
The doctor had traveled to free soil with Scott; Scott wanted to sue on claims that he had often lived on free soil
Chief Justice Taney from SC
Ruling in the Dred-Scott Case
(3 things)
Slaves are not citizens of the US, therefore they cannot sue in federal court
Slaves are property of their owners
Missouri Compromise unconstitutional
Effects of popular sovereignty in Kansas
Bleeding Kansas
Result of John Brown's raid
Is considered a martyr
What did the Sumner-Brooks Affair say about America
Reveals how insanely people feel
Really sectional
Why was the Election of 1860 fateful?
Determined whether SC would secede
Result of Lincoln's election
Secession of SC
In what order did secession go?
Lower South
Upper South
What happens in the first month of Lincoln's presidency
Fort Sumter
Def. Crittendon Compromise
(3 things)
Were proposed amendments to the Constitution
Slavery prohibited north of the 36 60 line
Future states enter the Union based on popular sovereignty
What was the capitol of the Confederacy
Richmond, Virginia
Who was the president of the Confederacy
Jefferson Davis
Advantages of the North
(7 things)
Lots of factories
Canal mileage
Railroad mileage
Existing govt intact
Food production
Advantages of the South
(4 things)
Defensive war
Moral advantage
Better generals
In the event of a tie; would win
Significance of First Bull Run
Underestimate each other; thought it was going to be an easy win for the battle and the war
Significance of Shiloh
Enables the Union control of the Upper Mississippi
Significance of Antietam
(3 things)
Does not become an international war
Border States stay with the Union
Lincoln able to issue the Emancipation Proclamation
Significance of Vicksburg
Enables Union control of the Upper and Lower Mississippi
Significance Gettysburg
(3 things)
Lee's last lunge in the North
Largest battle
No foreign intervention
Significance of Sherman's March to the Sea
Scorched Earth Policy
Total destruction
Significance of Appomattox
Union victory
Anaconda Plan
(4 things)
Blockade the Southern coastline
Take control of the upper and lower Mississippi
March troops through the Deep South
Take the capitol
Definition of Lincoln's Draft Law
(3 things)
First conscription law
Military service required for those 20-40
Could hire substitute or pay for exemption
Where was Emancipation Proclamation
The South
Not the Border States
National Bank Act 1863
First standard bank note
What was the time between Lee's surrender and Lincoln's assassination?
5 days
Percent of slaveholders that owned more that 100 slaves
Less than 1%
Percent people who grew cotton as an export
Definition of yeoman farmers
Non slaveholding
Lincoln's primary purpose in the Civil War
First major transportation project
Lancaster Turnpike
Why was the US slow to catch onto the Industrial Revolution
Need for it?
Why is GB the first to industrialize?
What did Howe do
Invented the sewing machine
What did Singer do
Make the sewing machine small
Order of the transportation revolution
Significance of the Erie Canal
Increased agriculture
Faster shipping via waterways
Definition Manifest Destiny
Westward movement because it's the US's "destiny"
Three phases of Texas
Lone Star Republic
28th State
What was Polk's prize?
How did Polk settle Oregon?
Overpopulated it with American's so the British would butt out
Treaty of Guadalupe - Hidalgo
Officially ends the war
Mexican Cession for $15 million
Two threatening problems for Lincoln
Foreign interference
Secession of border states
What era did canal building occur
Early 1830s
Platform of the Republican party
(3 things)
No extension of slavery
Pro-Protective Tariff
Free land
What was the Northern position on slavery
No extension
Definition of the Virginia Kentucky Resolutions
(2 things)
State legislatures had the right to judge constitutionality of federal laws
States could nullify federal laws that they deemed objectionable
Goal of the America Colonization Society
Send slaves back to Africa
Components of the American System
(3 things)
Central Bank
Protective Tariff
Internal Improvements
Purpose of the American System
Reduce sectionalism
Proclamation of 1763
Ends Salutary Neglect
Cannot go past the Appalachian Mtns
Purpose of the Stamp Act
Revenue for the standing army
Why did Jackson not agree with
Why could Indians not unify
Components of the Financial Programs of Hamilton
(4 things)
Funding by creating a new debt to pay back the old debt; through bonds
Assumption: Idea that the federal govt will take the debt of the states
Selling off Western Lands
Customs Duties and Excise Taxes: Small tax on imports and whiskey
Why was Virginia settled
To look for gold and get rich
Battle of Saratoga
French agree to ally with the US
Marbury vs Madison
Judicial review
What were compromises that the Constitution made when adopted
(2 things)
3/5ths Compromise
Fixed political representation
Why was Shay's Rebellion frightening to America
Thought the mobocracy was rising up
Who said "Remember the Ladies"
Abigail Adams
Land Ordinance of 1785
Planning and organizing North West
Land Ordinance of 1787
How a territory becomes a state
Why was the Articles of Confederation weak
Did want to appear tyrannical
Purpose of Great Britain's mercantilism
Self sufficiency
What did Whitney invent besides the cotton gin
Interchangeable parts
Who supported the staying of the Cherokees
Marshall (the Judicial Branch)
What did indentured slavery provide for GB
New life and opportunity
Tariff of Abomination