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1700 map of us
spain: mexico, florida, 1/2 texas, parts of az/ca/nm; france: middle of us (canada and through each side of mississippi) and has haiti, england is the 13 colonies
miles standish
indian fighter and negotiator (came on mayflower)
magna carta
1215, set precedent for balance of power
english bill of rights
listed out basic rights of man
oglethorpe: no debtors prisons
bible commonwealth
massachusetts bay colony (laws were based on the bible), society revolved around the bible
lord de la warr
headed a relief party for sick and starving colonists, ordered colonists back to jamestown and imposed strict military regime (on colonists and indians)
american slavery as it is
very popular pamphlet written by weld, helped inspire uncle toms cabin
dominion of new england
designed to more effectively enforce navigation acts, actually increased american smuggling
charles ii
when came back in power in 166, wanted to impose harsher colonial law enforcement
glorious revolution
overthrow of james ii, replaced by william iii
toleration act 1649
all christian religions will be tolerated
view of calvinists
jesus died for the elect
center of education during colonial times
new england (kids needed to read the bible)
most predominant form of art during colonial times
architecture during colonial times
georgian, also spanish/english/french influence
king philips war
metacom attacked frontier of new england (trying to untilize intertribal unity) to save nat am territory
pontiacs rebellion
several nat am tribes allied w/ french in an effort to get british out of ohio valley
new england confederacy
ne colonies met to protect new england from nat ams
bacons rebellion
bacon led rebellion w/ other poor farmers against governor berkeley (disliked the fact that they didn't get enough protection from indians)
paxton boys
protested quaker oligarchy's lenient policies toward nav ams
where florida goes to after french and indian war
land acquired by u.s. from frenchandindian war
more east (to mississippi), throughout canada
sugar act
increased duty on sugar from west indies
stamp act
tax on paper
gaspee affair
colonists burn a ship washed ashore of rhode island, they are tried back in britain
coercive acts/intolerable acts
took away chartered rights from massachusetts
what events lead to continental congress
quebec/coercive/intolerable acts (although quebec act wasn't really that bad)
fugitive slave clause
eliminates slave trade 20 years after const. is implemented
federalist papers
pamphlets written to encourage ny to ratify const.
talmadge ammendment
would free the offspring of slaves in missourri, shot down
creole affair
britain took slaves captive in west indies, wouldn't give them back (solved w/ webster ashburton treaty)
webster ashburton treaty
set border w/ maine
overt cause of mexican war
nuueces and rio grande cuases
covert causes of mexican war
polk wants ca (and to expand b/c of manifest destiny)