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The Tempory capital during 1789
New York City
Term used as title of honor for the president
Mr. President
Leader of the First Congress
James Madison- Virginia congressman who help write the constitution; nationalist
How congress strengthened under the guidance of James Madison
passed tarriff on imports and turned amendments to the constituation demanded bu the state ratifying conventions
The Third and Second Amendments
(prompted by old fears of a standing army) guarenteed the contiualtion of a militia of armed citizens and quartering rules
Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth amendments
protexted and defined a citizens rights in court and when under arrest
Judiciary Act of 1789
established a Supreme Court with six members, along with 13 districts and 3 circuit of court appeals
Henry Knox
Secretary of war- washingtons old comrade from the revolution
Alexander Hamilton
single minded nationalist; brillant economic thinker; admired British Centralized government
Debts in 1789
$11 Million to France, Roughly $24 Million debts owed by the national and state governments owed to American citizens who supplied things during revolution.