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Which party did the following belong to? Federalist or Anti-Federalist?
1. George Washington
2. George Mason
3. Alexander Hamilton
4. George Clinton
5. James Winthrop
6. James Madison
7. Patrick Henry
8. Benjamin Franklin
9. John Hancock
1. F
2. AF
3. F
4. AF
5. AF
6. F
7. AF
8. F
9. AF
Name simply Hamilton's 3 Financial Plans
1. Pay off the national debt at face value and have the federal government assume the war debs of the states.
2. Protect the new and development industries and collect adequate revenues at the same time by imposing high tariffs on imported goods.
3. Create a national bank for depositing government funds and for printing banknotes that would provide the basis for a stable U.S. currency
Washington's first term of presidency coincided with what other historic event?
The French Revolution
What year did Washington issue the Proclamation of Neutrality?
What year did the Jay Treaty happen? And what did it concern?
1794. The British agreed to evacuate its posts on the U.S. western frontier, but it said nothing of impressment.
What year did the Pinckney Treaty happen? And what did it concern?
1795. Pinckney (U.S. minister to Spain) negotiated with Spain to open the lower MIssissippi River and New Orleans to American trade.
What did Marbury vs. Madison establish?
Judicial Review
Although greatly weakened after Jefferson's election, the Federalist party's philosophy continued to have great influence through....?
the Federalist judicial rulings of John Marshall
The Republicans failure to impeach Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase established the principle that...?
impeachment should be used only for "high crimes and misdemeanors" instead of as a political weapon
Where did the Whiskey Rebellion take place?
Name 4 points touched by Washington's Farewell Address
1. Stay neutral
2. Not make "permanent alliances"
3. Not to form political parties
4. Avoid sectionalism
T/F. Washington's Farewell Address was spoken to a crowd in Pennsylvania?
FALSE. It was never spoken, but printed in the newspapers
What year was the Twelfth Amendment added and what was its significance?
1804. It gave a new method to selecting the vice-president. A person would run for vice-president.
Explain XYZ Affair.
Adams sent delegates to France to negotiate a peaceful agreement with France about the problem the Americans were having with the French seizing American merchant ships. Three French ministers requested bribes as basis for entering into the negotiations.
Which two states declared that they could nullify any federal law they found that broke the "compact" they have made with the U.S.?
Kentucky and Virginia
Who did Jefferson send to take care of the Louisiana Purchase?
Livingston and Monroe
Where did Lewis and Clark begin their journey in 1804
St. Louis
Who was the Supreme Court Chief Justice?
John Marshall
What did the Nonintercourse Act of 1809 say?
That the U.S. could resume trade with all countries except for Britain and France
What did the Macon's Bill No. 2 say?
That the U.S. would make a friend of france or britain and then cut off the other.
What American General was involved in the Battle of Tippecanoe?
General William Henry Harrison
Who did the war hawks want war with?
Henry Clay played what position in government?
Speaker of the House
When Washington took oath, where was capital?
New York
Name the main four members of Washington's Cabinet and their jobs.
1. Secretary of state: Jefferson
2. Secretary of treasury: Hamilton
3. Secretary of war: Henry Knox
4. Attorney General: Randolph
When was the Bill of Rights added?
During Washington's Administration
Who believed that a national debt was a national blessing?
What were the functions of the bank? (3)
1. regulate and issue currency
2. stimulate business
3. collect taxes
Which of Hamilton's reports does not pass?
The Resport on manufactures
Under Hamilton's plan what was the nation built on?
industry and commerce
When did the French Revolution begin?
What did washington's Neutrality Proclamation accomplish? (2)
1. kept us out of war
2. sets precedent for isolationism
What happened in Treaty of Greenville?
Anthony Wayne (after Battle of Fallen Timbers) gains land of Ohio from Indians
What newspaper was Washington's farewell address?
The Philadelphia Press
What did the Sedition Act call for and what amendment did it violate?
Nothing was allowed to be said/written that was bad about the president. 1st amendment.
Which was the "Whispering campaign"
Adams vs. Jefferson 1800
What was Marbur vs. Madison called? Hint: a ________ ___
landmark case
Explain the "Mosquito Fleet"
ships that would just protect U.S.. proved to be useless.
Name 3 impacts of the Louisiana Purchase?
1. expands America
2. secure Mississippi
3. access to New Orleans
What is considered the "first battle" of the Battle of 1812?
Battle of Tippecanoe
T/F. Federalists are in support of War of 1812.