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Native Mexicans who lived in Texas.
Stephen F. Austin
Established a colony on the gulf coast of Texas.
People who agreed to recruit and take responsibility for new settlers.
Antonio Lopez de Santa
Established dictatorial control over the Mexican government.
Texas Revolution
This was a full scale rebellion against the Mexican Military.
Sam Houston
Commander of the Texas army.
Battle of San Janinto
In this battle they took Santa Anna prisoner, and won the battle.
Juan Sequin
A leading Tejano figure in the Texas Revolution.
James K. Polk
A former governor of Tennessee.
Zachary Taylor
He led troops into the disputed area.
John Slidell
A Louisiana lawyer and politician.
Stephen Kearny
He and his army seized control of New Mexico.
John C. Fremont
He led an expedition into California.
Bear Flag Revolt
This was a revolt a led against Mexican Powers, it got its name from a flag.
Winfield Scott
He led 10,000 soldiers during the war.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago
This treaty officially ended the war.
Mexican Cession
Resulted from the treaty with Mexico. We gained Texas, the South West, and the rest of the west.
Gadsden Purchase
Purchased parts of present day New Mexico and Arizona from Mexico.
Juan Cortina
A tejano who led a rebellion in Texas.
William Becknell
Traveled from Missouri to New Mexico, and started the movement of other merchants to the area.
Santa Fe Trail
Trail that led from Missouri to New Mexico.
mountain men
Fur trappers that traveled to the far west.
William Ashley
He developed the rendezvous system.
Rendezvous System
A method of doing business.
Oregon Trail
This route followed along the Platte River, across the Great Plains and to the Rockies. It led settlers to the West.
Narcissa Prentiss Whitman
A early protestant missionary in Oregon Country.
Marcus Whitman
Married Narcissa, before heading West on a missionary trip.
Treaty of Fort Laramie
Agreement between plains indian's and U.S. that indians would not attack settlers traveling west, and U.S. would pay tribes and not invade their territory.
Brighman Young
He led the mass movement of mormons heading to Utah.
These were the first Spanish Settlers that moved to Cali.
John Augustus Sutter
Swiss adventurer who acquired a huge land grant from Mexico in 1839.
James W. Marshall
Detected flakes of heavy yellow metal at the bottom of a wooden canal used to divert water from the American River.
Migrants who traveled to California in 1849.
California Trial
This trail forked off from the Oregon Trail.