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What did Boone first try to find to help him try to cross the ROcky Mountains?
Warrior's Path
What did Boone make that helped the pioneers cross the mountains and settle the west?
Wilderness Road
When did Boone first went to Kentucky he saw
What was one of the 1st things that the pioneer families had to do to move into the frontier?
they had to clear thick forests
What did Spain do to try and stop the pioneers from moving farther west?
closed the port at New Orleans
How did the Lousiana Purchase change the size of the US
it doubled the size
Whos erved as a guide translator on the expedition?
How did the Lewis and Clark expedition help the pioneers in years to come?
becuase they made maps
Who watned to form a strong conferedration of indians in Kentucky and Tennessee
What happened ito Prophetstown after the Battle of Tippecanoe
Prophetstown was destroyed
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner during the attact at Fort McHenry
Francis Scott Key
Who defended the city of New Orleans during the war of 1812
Andrew Jackson
What was the turning point of the war in 1812?
The Battle of Lake Eerie
How did the US government deal with other countries during the era of Good feelings>?
they tried to be more strong
What group of Americans did not want the US to go to war with Britain in 1812?
The Northern merchants