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Beep codes are generated by which of the following?


Where is the memory controller located in a Core 2 Duo system?

Within the chipset

Moving your CPU’s speed beyond its normal operating range is called _____________.


Which of the following storage technologies is used by traditional hard disk drives?


On which type of computer is RAM the most important?

Virtualization workstation

Which of the following form factors does a VGA connector comply with?

15-pin D-shell

A customer reports that an optical drive in a PC is no longer responding. What question should you ask first?

“What has changed since the optical drive worked properly?”

Which type of RAM has a peak transfer of 12,800 MB/s?


A computer you are working on has a lot of dust inside it. How should you clean this?

Use compressed air to remove the dust. (or realistically a vacuum)

Setting an administrator password in the BIOS accomplishes which of the following?

Prevents a user from rearranging the boot order

When it comes to computer case form factors, which of the following provides the most room for effective cooling?


Which Intel CPU socket is discontinued?

sockett 478

What type of socket ensures that even force is applied to the processor when it is being installed in the socket?


Which motherboard slot has direct access to the North Bridge?

primary PCIe slot

What was the 64-bit Front Side Bus replaced with in the X58 (Nehalem) chipset?


Which of the following is a technology that allows for multiple video cards to work together in one system?


Which of the following is NOT true about Ivy Bridge chipsets compared to earlier products?

use more power

What unit is used to measure the frequency of memory, FSB, and the processor?


What type of bus does PCI Express use?


What has occurred if you see the message "Chassis Intruded! System has halted." the next time you start your computer?

the case has been opened

Which of the following tools can protect you in the case of a surge?

Antistatic strap

What connector can have audio and video pass through it?


You just upgraded the CPU. Which of the following can make your computer shut down automatically after a few minutes?

The CPU has overheated.

Which of the following power connections might be used by hard drives? (Select the two best answers.)



You want to upgrade memory in your computer. Which of the following is user-replaceable memory in a PC?


What operating CPU temperature is typical?

60° Celsius

In current motherboards, which memory bus width can be accomplished by using the dual channel technology?


Which of the following controls the connection between the CPU and the PCIe x16 expansion slot?


Which of the following interfaces is the newest type of mouse or keyboard connection?


How can you reduce the chance of ESD? (Select the three best answers.).

Use an antistatic strap

Use an antistatic mat

Raise the humidity

What type of bus does PCI Express use?


What is the transfer rate of a 64-bit module running at 1200 MHz?

12800 MB/second

A DIMM that holds data and amplifies a signal before the data is written to the module uses which technology?


Which memory technology that is no longer used has a 32-bit data bus, 232 pins and requires a placeholder in empty slots?


What technology in a DIMM informs the BIOS of the module’s size, speed, voltage, and data path width?


At what point during the motherboard installation should you install the motherboard drivers?

after Windows successfully boots

Which of the following is NOT a feature of a processor?

multi-core processing

What is the general name of the processor feature that AMD calls HyperTransport?


Which type of processor memory is located on the processor chip (processor die)?

Level 1 cache

Which of the following is NOT a component of a processor?

device driver

Which of the following is NOT a necessary precaution when installing memory modules?

test the motherboard for residual electrical charges

Which of the following is true about installing a processor on a motherboard?

after placing the processor in the socket, you need to lock down the lever

What is the most likely result of a correctly installed processor, but an incorrectly installed cooler?

boot process begins, but system suddenly turns off after a short period

Which of the following is true about DIMM technologies?

SDRAM runs synchronized with the system clock

Which of the following statements is NOT true when setting up dual channeling?

if you have two pairs installed in two channels, all four DIMMs must match

Which of the following is true about hardware RAID?

RAID controllers have their own BIOS

Which interface is not typically used for an internal optical drive?


Which is true about installing a PATA drive?

a motherboard can support up to four EIDE devices

Why might you want to use a RAID 0 disk configuration?

to improve overall disk performance

Which SATA standard provides a transfer rate of 3 Gb/sec?