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Groups of similar cells that work together to perform a particular function in an organism are called ____________.
Tissue that relays messages between the brain and the rest of the body are____________ tissues.
Tissue that covers the bodies of some animals is __________ tissue.
The outermost tissue layer on leaves and stems are ___________ tissue.
Tissues that hold muscles together and keep the body parts in place are _________ tissue.
Can muscle tissues be found in the heart?
Does dermal tissue, or protective or service tissue, form the outermost layer on leaves and stems?
Do many plant cells, such as those that store sugar and nutrients make up ground tissue?
Are vascular tissue made up of tightly packed cells that cover an animal's body and make up the internal linings of some animals?
no, epithelial tissue does.
What are epithelial tissues?
Epithelial tissues are made up of tightly packed cells that line the inside of animals' stomachs and the skins of animals. Epithelial tissues protect the body from invading harmful substances and it absorbs nutrients in the intestines.
What are connective tissues?
The connective tissue makes up the ligaments, hold muscles together, keep parts of the body in place, provide support and protection, transports food and oxygen around the body, and transport cells' wastes. Some examples are fat,cartilage,connective tissue, bones and blood.
What are muscle tissues?
Muscle tissues can contract and relax. This allows an animal and it's body parts to move. Muscle tissues can move an animals bones, heart, blood vessels, stomach, and intestines.
What are nerve tissues?
Nerve tissue relay messages between the body and the brain. They tell the body how and when to move, eat, hunt, etc.
What are vascular tissues?
Vascular tissues are found in plants. They are xylem and phloem, and bring nutrients throughout the plant.
What are dermal tissues?
Dermal tissues are found in plants. They are also called protective, or surface tissue. It is the outermost tissue layer on leaves, roots and stems. On leaves it is a waxy layer and it prevents water loss. On stems it can be bark, and in both types it performs photosynthesis and protects the plant.
What are ground tissues?
Ground tissues are found in plants. It is also called fundamental tissue and provides support and performs photosynthesis.
Definition of an organ.
A structure made up of several different types of tissues that all work together to do a particular job.
Describe the lungs.
The lungs are breathing organs of animals. The lungs exchange gases and normally there are two. It has all four types of tissue in it, and there are the trachea, lung, and diaphragm
Describe the heart.
The heart pumps blood throughout the bod and brings oxygen and food to the cells. The heart is made up of all four types of tissues also.
Describe the intestine.
The intestine is a long tube through which food gets digested. This is also made up of all four tissues.
Describe the roots.
Plants have organs too. The roots keep the plant anchored, stores food and waste, and absorbs nutrients. Roots consist of all three plant tissues.
Describe the stems.
Stems support leaves, move food to the leaves and roots, and move water. Stems consist of all three plant tissues.
Describe the leaves.
Leaves perform photosynthesis, absorb sunlight, and exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. Leaves consist of dermal and vascular plant tissues.
A group of organs that work together to perform a specific job is a/n ___________________________.
organ system
The system that controls the activities of nearly all the other systems in the body of an animal is a/n ___________________.
nervous system
The system that moves oxygen and nutrients through and animal's body and carries away cells' waste products is a/n ______________________.
circulatory system
The system that provides shape and support in the bodies of some animals is the _____________________.
skeletal system
What is the definition of an organ system?
An organ system is a group of organs that work together to perform a particular job.
Describe the circulatory system.
The circulatory system moves nutrients and oxygen through the body, removes waste, and pumps blood. The organs are the heart and the network of vessels. The blood is pumped around the body, to the heart, gets oxygen, and removes the waste. There are the open and closed systems, and in the open system, the blood moves freely.
Describe the skeletal system.
The skeletal system provides shape and support for the body, protects the organs, and is made up of bone, with an exception to certain types of animals such as sharks. They have cartilage.
Describe the nervous system.
The nervous system controls the activities of the organs, and is made up of the spinal cord, brain, and nerve tissue.