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adoption process
Stages that consumers go through in learning about a new product, trying it, and deciding whether to purchase it again.
Name, term, sign, symbol, design, or some combination that identifies the products of one firm while differentiating them from the competition’s.
brand equity
Added value that a respected, well-known brand name gives to a product in the marketplace.
brand extension
Strategy of attaching a popular brand name to a new product in an unrelated product category.
brand insistence
Consumer refusals of alternatives and extensive search for desired merchandise.
brand name
Part of a brand consisting of words or letters that form a name that identifies and distinguishes a firm’s offerings from those of its competitors.
brand preference
Consumer reliance on previous experiences with a product to choose that product again.
brand recognition
Consumer awareness and identification of a brand.
category management
Product management system in which a category manager—with profit and loss responsibility—oversees a product line.
consumer innovator
People who purchase new products almost as soon as the products reach the market.
diffusion process
Process by which new goods or services are accepted in the marketplace.
family brand
Single brand name that identifies several related products.
generic products
Products characterized by plain labels, no advertising, and the absence of brand names.
manufacturer’s brand
Brand name owned by a manufacturer or other producer.
Brand for which the owner claims exclusive legal protection.