Coca Cola Marketing Strategy

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The purpose of this assignment is to pick a branded product, and to prepare an analysis of the current marketing strategy. The chosen brand for this assignment is Coca-Cola.
The topics that will be discussed in this assignment are:
• The market segments.
• The, level and nature of competition in the market.
• Competitive Positioning and Competitive advantage of the brand.
• The marketing mix.
Coca-Cola is the world’s most leading brand; it is sold all over the world. Coca-Cola was established in May of 1886 in Georgia, United States, by Atlanta pharmacist, Dr. John S. Pemberton. He created flavoured syrup and then mixed it with carbonated water. Dr. Pemberton’s and Frank M. Robinson named the beverage “Coca Cola” and designed the
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(Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong pg. 218, 2010)
Coca-Cola products aren’t too expensive and they are affordable, it costs about 1.00euro up to 2.00euro for a bottle of coke depending on the size of the bottle. So therefore they are aiming their products towards all types of people.
Selecting target market segmentation
Coca-Cola serves buyers who share the same needs or characteristics. These people want strong flavour, while Diet coke and Coke Zero are targeted towards health conscious consumers. Coca-Cola also has Facebook, Twitter and a Linkedln page so therefore they are getting the Coca-Cola brand out there by using Social Media, this is a good form of communication for Coca-Cola as technology is moving so fast, it means that Coca-Cola are keeping up to date with the times. (Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong pg. 225, 2010)

The, level and nature of competition in the
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They try to establish standards that guarantee the production of a high quality product which meets consumer’s expectations, each and every time they drink a bottle or can of Coca-Cola.
In order for Coca-Cola to keep their high standards the Company has to have good levels of promotion and keep up to date with the changing times, they would also have to develop close links with its franchisees based on a mutual concern for quality. Total Quality Management is at the heart of these processes involving a continuous emphasis on getting quality standards right every time, and on continually seeking new ways to improve performance.


After completing this assignment on Coca-Cola brand, the recommendations that will be made are as follows.
Coca-Cola should put more emphasis on providing their infrastructure in the market to facilitate their customers.
Coca-Cola should also try and focus on the greying population, and to cater products towards their needs as people are living longer now a

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