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It was sheer conjecture on the detectives part but it led to the arrest of the vexatious counterfeiters.


The newspaper switched from mundane coverage to lurid reporting.


it was exceedingly rash of the lightweight to insult the belligerent longshoreman.

Too hasty, reckless

The necessity for preparing sandwiches obviate when the picnic was postponed.

Do away with, eliminate

Hamlet remembered that Yorick was always ready with a lusty quip.



Unexpected financial gain

Inadvertently, Emma had allowed two months to elapse before paying her rent.

To slip by

The lackluster battle was punctuated by sporadic mortar fire.


A man's domicile is his castle.


Because the watchman was lax thievery was rampant at the warehouse.

Careless, negligent

The meticulous musician had nothing but disdain for his disorganized friends.


Disdain- dislike

To sow one's wild oats

To lead a wild, carefree life

Harriet's egregious error disturbed even her phlegmatic employer

Calm, hard to rouse to action

The fund raiser was so zealous that he solicited money from a Salvation Army Santa Claus.


In order to get the job, you had to go through the drudgery of filling out a ten page comprehensive questionnaire.


The elusive fugitive was coerce by his attorney into surrendering.

To force

Even the Swindler's nefarious accomplice refused to corroborate his alibi.

Confirm, support

Fair weather friends

Unreliable, they fail one in time of distress

The sermon was poignant enough to bring tears to the brash delinquent's eyes.

Moving, painful to the feelings

Although the message was garbled, its salient points were clear enough.

Confused, mixed up

After a fruitless attempt to wrest control of the government, the traitors were incarcerated.


Even though his boat was almost inundate, the skipper was loath the radio for help.

To flood

Because the malignancy had gone unchecked, the surgeons were not sanguine about the patient's chances.


To feather one's nest

Grow rich by taking advantage of circumstances