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Who was the steel manufacturer that gave money to build the Peace Palace in the Netherlands?

The alliances called "Bismarck's System" were an attempt by the German chancellor to isolate

The immediate cause of the entrance of Britain into World War I was

The Triple Alliance included all of the following countries except

The Schlieffen Plan was designed to

The Entente Cordiale was a "friendly understanding" between France and

Q. The entrance of the Italians into the war was important because

A. the Germans and Austrians were forced to fight on another front.

Q. Russia was defeated in World War I for all of the following reasons accept

A. her troops were crushed by a superior Austro-Hungarian force on the Rhine River.

Why did Germany agree to sign the armistice to end World War I?

The sinking of the Louisiana was important because?

Which of the following was one of the results of the Treaty of Versailles?

Which is not one of the reasons the United States entered World War I?

By signing the Locarno Act, Germany..

What country was forbidden Anschluss with Germany after World War I?

Which American banker loaned money to Germany after the war?

Austria sent Serbia a list of demands threatening war if they were not accepted. What is such a statement called?

What are the long, slender German airships similar to modern blimps called?

Name the area between the Adriatic and Black Seas that was called the "powder keg of Europe" before World War.

What term means "to make a country's troops ready for battle?"

Under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, the Allies forced Germany to pay for war damages. What were these payments called?

What phrase describes the sinking of all ships, armed or not, that carried supplies to the Allies?

What clause in a treaty placed the entire blame for the war upon Germany?

What term means "a temporary cessation of fighting"?

What term means "the elimination of weapons or arms"?

What were the territories technically under the control of the League of Nations but actually held the various Allied countries called?

Who was the czar of Russia who abdicated his throne?

Who established a peace prize to further world peace?

Who led the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I?

Who established a peace prize to further world peace?

Who was chief of the Allied armies in France?

secret treaty signed between Germany and


Wilson's peace plan for ending World War I

took Russia out of World War I

dismantled the Ottoman Empire

signed between Germany and the Allies in Paris

organization designed to discuss differences rather than to fight over them

treaty signed by Austria recognizing Hungary's independence

an attempt to disarm the great naval powers in the early 1920's

nonaggression treaty signed by Germany, Belgium, and France in 1925

treaty renouncing war "as an instrument of...national policy"

Kaiser of Germany who fled to Holland

Archduke of Austria-Hungary assassinated in Sarajevo

German general who defeated Russia in several battles

French representative at the Paris Peace Conference

prime minister of Britain who attended the Paris Peace conference


Bismark's System was established to isolate Russia diplomatically.

During World War I the governments of the countries involved failed to control the economic life of their countries.

Using the Schlieffen Plan, Germany attacked France on the western front first.

The Locarno Pact outlawed the use of war.

Although the United States initiated the League of Nations, it did not join the League.


List and briefly discuss the underlying causes of World War I.

List and briefly discuss the reasons for the failure of the League of Nations to settle crises among powerful nations.

Map Labels:

Great Britain, France, Baltic Sea, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Black Sea, Serbia, Ottoman Empire, North Sea, Italy, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Russian Empire, Greece, Lusitania sunk