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Which Austrian diplomat exerted such an influence over European politics that the era of 1815 to 1848 is named after him?

Who was invited to assume the French throne after Napoleon's defeat?

In 1830 which French king was forced to flee France after the people of Paris revolted against his attempts to restrict certain freedoms?

The Treaty of London provided for...

The French constitution of 1848 established "universal manhood suffrage," which means?

Who was the French leader who staged a coup d'état in 1851 and proclaimed himself emperor a year later?

Which Russian czar replaced westernization with "Russification"

The first major international conflict after the defeat of Napoleon was the ...?

The man primarily responsible for unifying Italy was...?

Which Italian patriot had followers called "Red Shirts"?

The architect of German unification was?

The "Dual Monarchy" made Austria equal partners with what other nation?

Which Russian czar abolished serfdom in 1861 but was assassinated in 1881?

What cultural movement gave literary and artistic expression to the concepts of "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"?

What great Russian poet who supported the Decembrist Revolt in 1825 used nationalism as a major theme in his writings?

The man who bridged the gap between classical and romantic music was?

Who was the great Italian opera composer associated with the cause of Italian unification?

Scottish author of Ivanhoe?

French author of The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Wrote poems describing a Mongol palace and the voyage of an old seaman?

German fairy tales?

German author of Faust?

American author of mysterious and emotional poems and short stories?

American novelist who glorified the noble savage?

British poet who died in a Greek war for independence?

British poet who condemned the tyranny of Christianity?

Expressed his love of nature through his poetry?

Nutcracker ballet and 1812 Overture?

Neoclassical painter?

German composer of chamber music, symphonies, and songs?

British painter of landscapes?

Increased the size of the orchestra and added the trombone and the piccolo?

Painted Liberty Leading the People?

One of the most accomplished pianists of his day?

Based his operas on Germanic myths?

What were men called who wanted to reverse the trends begun by the French Revolution and restore Europe to its pre-Revolution conditions?

Who represented France at the Congress of Vienna?

What term is used to describe the compensation France had to pay other nations for war damages?

Who was the "citizen king" who replaced Charles X in France?

Whose efforts as a nurse during the Crimean War made her a national heroine in Great Britain?

What was the nationalist movement for Italian unification called?


The Congress of Vienna was dominated by the philosophy of liberals.


The Concert of Europe was a spirit of international cooperation in order to avoid major wars and to suppress reactionism.


After revolutions in 1830 and 1848, France ended up with a dictatorship.


The policy of doing whatever is necessary to obtain national goals is known as realpolitik.

Essay Question:

List and discuss three of the four major goals of the Congress of Vienna?

Essay Question:

Liberalism was one of the leading forces causing discontent with the old order during the first half of the 19th century. Discuss briefly the major reforms that liberals promoted.

Map Labels:

Kingdom of the Netherlands


German Confederation


Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

Papal States


Kingdom of Sardinia

Black Sea

Ottoman Empire