Aggressive Foreign Policy

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The United States originally had no overarching, long-range plan to create a political empire. Instead, policy makers initially emphasized on developing global trades. However, due to a decade of aggressive foreign policy intent on expanding and protecting the nation’s global commercial empire, coupled with the crises of the 1890s, paved the way for political empire and the United States presence in the world (AH, 657). By choosing the road to empire, the United States would soon learn the high cost of that decision.

A combinations of crises in the 1890s – economics, social, political, and cultural – thrust the nation into the global contest for empire. The depressions of the 1870s and 1890s convinced many Americans that overproduction of goods was the source of economic turmoil for both domestic and foreign market simply due to the fact that these markets could not
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However, President Wilson would only accept the cease-fire if the German troops agree to evacuate all occupied territory and to surrender their heavy weapons. Germany’s new civilian government had to accept the harsh armistice terms. The guns of war fell silent at 11:11 AM on November 11, 1918 (AH, 740).

In December 1918, President Wilson lead a peace delegation to Europe. Thirty-two nations, not including Germany or communist Russia, attended the peace conference in Paris between January 18 and June 28, 1919. During the months-long deliberations in Paris, the British and French insisted that Germany accepts as part of the peace treaty a “war guilt clause” in which it assumed sole responsibility for the fighting (AH, 743). Even though the tone and substance of many decisions made at the conference violated the spirit of President Wilson’s Fourteen Points, Wilson needed the French and British

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