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(Blank) by first name whenever possible
Friendly Greeting
(Blank) Contact within 60 seconds. Present menu and silverware.
Beat to Seat
(Blank) initial selections & additional items
Suggestive Sell
(Blank) and price each item
Write Guest Check
Stand on Mark (Blank) loud and clear or (blank)
Call order; or give guest check to expeditor if using one
Listen for (blank). (blank) Grill operator mark plate (if not using expeditor)
Call Back; Watch
(blank) (syrup, steak knives, ice tea spoons, etc.) and (blank)
Anticipate Needs; Deliver drink order
(Blank). (Blank) and present to customer
Deliver hot food; Total guest check
(Blank), pre-bus, suggestive sell dessert, other items.
Follow up
(Blank) payment at register
(Blank) customers for eating at your waffle house.
(Invite) them back.
Collect; Thank; Invite