Service Recovery In Dining Room Service

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Famous French chef and restaurant owner, Fernand Point, said, “Success is the sum of a lot of small things done correctly.” This is true for the kitchen and for dining room service. While in the kitchen things such as mis en place, knife skills, and cooking techniques are the individual tasks done correctly by the back-of-house, proper greetings, presentation, and steps of service are tasks done by the front-of house staff.. “I am terribly sorry about that sir, please let me have the kitchen fix that for you. I can bring you a new one right away”: These words are the most common start of service recovery. While many restaurants and companies aim to keep their customers happy, there is always room for error. It comes down to the human factor of the customers and the employees themselves. No one is perfect, however, when running a restaurant it is always nice to aim for perfection. Excellent execution of service recovery is quintessential to maintaining repeat customers and upholding a good reputation
While many people think of dining room service information exclusively for high-end restaurants and extravagant hotels, the information regarding remarkable service and service recovery can be found at any food establishment that interacts with the public. Taco Bell, providing fast and friendly service is a must. If a
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A manager can give a guest who had problems with their meal a discount on their meal and/or give them a coupon for free appetizer or dessert for the next time they visit. While this can seem like a major issue of losing money by giving discounts, it is extremely important for a restaurant to keep its customers and to give them a good experience. Guests who have enjoyed their meal and service will likely return while guests who don’t enjoy their meal probably will not return, plus tell their friends about their bad

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