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No representation is absolutely true when it comes to people. Admittedly, the representation here of a Millennial candidate and Boomer takes a bit of a poetic license. It’s meant to help the Millennial keep their sense of humor, perspective and and connect with what is sure to be an older manager. Recently I read an article in the New York Times called "American Dream is Elusive for a New Generation". It states that there is a 37% unemployment rate for the Millennial generation based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is for the recent graduate who is still living at home, surfing the Internet and trying to find a job. Keep your chin up and take action, we've all been there before.

While you are looking:

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Use a grammar checker and spell checker to protect your personal brand. Run it by a trusted friend who will give you feedback before you post. Provide links to your articles or blogs on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Businessweek Exchange. At least you will become a better communicator which almost all companies could use.

4. Ask for help. Go public with your friends and their parents that you are looking for a job. Define that job or company broadly. You can filter the jobs later when opportunities pop up.

5. Learn to talk shop. Learn about the company you are talking to before the interview. There are people who will be hiring you that can tell when you've done your homework. When you know a lot about a company and its goals, it means you're engaged in the process and the training will take less time.

6. Make more phone calls. Call your friends often to get better at phone conversations. Millennials are dependent on Facebook and SMS for communication. That may work with your buddies, but the older employees who control the money use the telephone and e-mail. You will need to get better at professional phone conversations if you want to impress the people who hire.

7. Practice the Interview. Find someone who has management background to ask you typical interview questions prior to the interview. If you know what you are going to say before the

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