What's Embeded Marketing or Product Placement? Essay

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An Argument Against Product Placement

Embedded marketing, or product placement, is a form of advertising that integrates the product in a non-commercial environment such as movies and TV shows. Product placement is not a new trend; it has been in place since early years of the movie industry. However, it began to spread in the 1930s when the company of Owl Cigars invested in the movie “Scarface” an amount of $250,000 to place their product in the movie (Lindstorm, 2008). It has been argued that product placement can benefit the sales of both the movie and the product. However, others disagree saying that its adverse effects outweigh its positive ones, as it may have a negative impact on the content of the movie in which the product has
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Such as in the movie “Die Another Day” which included 23 products placed in the movie in just 132 minutes, which annoyed the viewer completely (Lindstorm, 2008). These are just a few examples of how product placement can interfere in movies.
Product placement can increase the brand memory of the product, as it is more integrated inside a movie or a TV show, unlike the ads which are shown only in the commercial period. Although research proves that product placement increases the brand memory due to its subliminal effect on people mind, it totally ignores the ethical impact of this placement which takes place due to the same reason. Unlike advertising, product placement acts on the subconscious of the audience. Product placement is an implicit way of promotion for products, which prevents people from recognizing the commercialized content. In this way people can become influenced by some products that are ethically charged such as drugs and alcohol, and will become more willing to buy it without analytically thinking whether it is healthy or not. This may lead to major threats on the society which will especially affect children. Since children are more vulnerable to accept the ideas that enter their minds, they are more likely to be affected by the

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