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Initial issues came with this act because it contained vague, sweeping provisions that prohibit using interactive computer networks knowingly to send or display indecent material to anyone under 18. Therefore, ultimately almost a year and a half later, the Supreme Court ruled that the Communications Decency Act was a clear violation of everyone’s First Amendment’s guarantee to freedom of speech on the internet. So this is where the gray area of the whole matter becomes evident.

Initially the underlying cause of censoring the internet can be understood when it comes to what is accessible or being exposed to children under the age 18. By law, we state that a person at age 18 is a capable minded adult of full understanding of what they’re doing. They differentiate on a different level between what is morally right or wrong. When it comes to actually censoring the internet, there is great concern about how to do it effectively, feasibly, and without violating the right to freedom of speech. Another evident concern of censorship is deciding what is considered as being “indecent”. I’m an involved parent of small children and a strong believer in freedom of speech. A subject like this one leaves me standing in the middle while attempting to make a stance for both sides to find a resolution suitable for all.

Never in Front of the Children

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