Essay on Vocabulary Teaching in ESL

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This report was assigned for us to learn understand language teaching and how it is practiced more. My assigned area is vocabulary learning and teaching. For this I have thought about what my thoughts and believes on the subject of learning and teaching vocabulary were and how they changed after interviewing a teacher of English as a second language and a learner of English as a second language.

In this report I will discuss my beliefs before and after doing the interviews and further research; the believes of a teacher with the help of a concept map; the thoughts of a learner by doing a small interview and what the experts think by discussing extra material I have read and analysed especially for this report.

When I started writing
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So, teaching and learning this takes time as well. One cannot expect a learner to know a word after just encountering it. There are too many levels to a word to go into the first time this is mentioned. Since words change spelling and meaning depending on the place in a sentence and the overall context of it being used.

Then there is balance. There has to be a balance between every element in the language learning. There can’t be too much reading, speaking, listening or vocabulary in a lesson. Too much or too little vocabulary will slow the learning process. By either posing no challenges and becoming ‘boring’ for the learner or posing too much of a challenge resulting in the learner giving up because he/she can’t do it right no matter how hard he/she tries.

And Finally there is variation. I believed that just using just a method and working through the book. Beside the fact that these exercises are usually extremely boring, they are also very irrelevant. to the learner. Sentences like ‘I have a big hat.’ will be used to illustrate the use of a adjective, but is completely irrelevant to what the learner will need to learn and communicate in the language. (Virginia French Allen, 1983) I believe that it is better to find sources that will relate to the learner and tailor the method to the learners. Find ways to intrigue and surprise the learner with new ways of learning the words and it’s variations. Now, if you compare my own concept map with the one the

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