Essay Vegetarianism: The Cure for All

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“...going vegetarian is the single best thing we can do for ourselves as well as for your families,” says Dr. Lina Van (Panchal 27). Choosing to go vegetarian promotes good health, a longer life, helps fight diseases, and can even help people lose weight (Nikki and David Goldbeck 4-7). Specifically, a vegetarian diet excludes meat, fish, shellfish, and poultry. A lacto-vegetarian also does not eat eggs, but can eat dairy products, while an ova-vegetarian can eat eggs, but not dairy products (Panchal 27). Hence a vegetarian diet may seem quite restrictive, but the lifestyle choice could save your life and lead to more adventures in eating (Nikki and David Goldbeck 4-7). A vegetarian diet in America dates back to the colonial times. …show more content…
Secondly, meat eaters contribute to global warming. United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization say that animals, for human consumption, contribute to 18% of planet's total greenhouse gas emission and cause 55% of annual soil erosion in the United States. Furthermore, meat production causes increase in greenhouse gases. This is proved through the burning of rainforests to clear land for animal consumption land, methane gas is generated by cattle, and carbon dioxide is released when fossil fuels are used in transportation for factory farming (Neithercott). Factory farm animals waste, pollute, and take up more lands than edible plants. In fact, raising animals for food is the biggest polluter of our topsoil. In all moments of the hour, a land area equivalent to seven football fields is defaced in the Amazon basin and even rainforests are being destroyed for these farms. It is also found that around 260 million acres of United States forest has been cleared for crops for a meat-centered diet. After all, the food given to animals is plants, so all the original protein comes from plants, so eating all the nutrients of meat is basically eating the nutrients of a plant (Panchal 27). In addition, the grain and soybeans fed to animals to produce meat for one meat eater could feed seven vegetarians for the same time period. Meanwhile, choosing to go vegetarian could also save the average meat eater a copious amount money.

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