Various Ways to Express Oneself Artistically Essay

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Paintings, music, theater, and dance are various media that we use to show our expressions. They can be divulged in numerous schemes that we see, but do not know much about them. In society today, we have experienced and learned various types of ways to express our selves, in order to record history and to reveal spiritual truths in art, whether it be visual or performing art.

Painting is a very unique visual art that is used in several techniques, for instance oils the most popular of them all. This technique gives a range of color choices. Oils are durable, and dry slowly giving it a chance to be reworked. Watercolor, another technique is difficult and includes color that uses water as a thinner. The colors cannot be
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It sets the tone of the painting with its different hues. Another element called texture is the roughness or smoothness of a painting. This character gives the illusion of a three dimensional picture or a smooth surface photo. Mass, on the other hand helps relate two-dimensional objects with that of other objects in the picture. Mass brings together a patter of realistic ability.

Music plays a more verbal part of performing arts, therefore when we think of music the first thing that comes to mind is jazz, gospel, rap, and r&b, but music is more than that. For example, it is an art song that is a setting of a poem for a solo voice and a piano. Art song has an emotional tendency and its themes often encompass lost love, nature, and legends. Important words are emphasized by stressed tones or melody climaxes in an art song. Cantata, another form of music is a written in several movements, meaning it is a choral work with one or more soloists and an instrumental ensemble. It can be used as a sermon in music, which the cantata may last for twenty-five minutes. A motet, which is polyphonic choral work, was one of the two main forms of sacred music. It utilizes a Latin text unlike that of the mass. The motet is shorter than the mass also. Lastly, oratorio is a large-scale composition that uses chorus, vocal soloist, and orchestra. An oratorio sets a narrative text, but does not have the costumes and scenery like the opera and

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