Values and Actions of a Role Model Essay

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A role model is an individual that one aspires to be like in the present or the future. Role models can be a celebrity or someone we connect with on a daily bases. In addition, there are several characteristics a role model should possess, such as: Moral, confidence, hardworking, respectful, optimistic and creative (Freddie, 2014). There are different types of role models in society today, who play great social roles. These are individuals who are prestigious and willing to help others find success as well. A good role model demonstrate honesty and behave ethnically. Therefore, I believe a good role model must be consistent with success and growth. Most importantly a role model should be an educator, who are intelligent and has great …show more content…
Similarly, I grew up in an African-American Baptist church as well. My family and educators has instilled in me values, knowledge, wisdom and understanding of spiritual and natural things. As a positive role model, my family has taught me how to be a self-motivator and make a difference in society. Likewise, Martin Luther King was influenced by President Benjamin E. Mays, with spiritual development, encouraging him to view Christianity as a potential force for progressive social change (Carson, 2000). Resulting in Martin Luther King, Jr. having a major impact on society. He led civil rights movements and taught the world the importance of unity, justice, and helping one another. In essences, my family taught me the importance of giving back to society, whether it is working for a charity, helping the less fortunate, or just simply giving a word of encouragement to someone along the way. We stand strong as one unit with God being the head. Martin Luther King believe that one day we would all walk together one nation under God with liberty and justice for all. He desires for everyone to walk together hand and hand, whether one was Caucasian or African-American.
In fact, I am serious about obtaining my education. I believe it is important to have intelligence, along with common sense. Throughout my career, I notice there are an abundance of individuals who are book smart, but lack common sense. In contrast,

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