Essay on Two Extreme Views on Gun Control

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Take away all registered guns in America and abolish the second amendment and now America is the least violent country in the world? That’s the opposite of what my family NRA (National Rifle Association) card holding friend would say he simply disagrees. (Babcock) “You would leave the general American public defenseless against all the criminals that would still possess firearms.” (Babcock). It’s an obvious problem facing the American society today. “America is the most violent nation in the Western World” (Strahinich 23). The gun violence problem in America is not with the firearms themselves, but with the violent people that use them.
Here I focus on the two most extreme views of gun control in this document and then add in my own
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Violence has only to do with the person, the weapon is the just the tool. Given more people can die more quickly with a gun then a knife, but the fact that just one person dies is bad enough.
Weapons are tools, but good decent people should be allowed to protect themselves from whatever they like. “The gun itself is merely a tool. The problem is not with the gun, it is with the people who use guns irresponsibly,” Bowman states (Bowman 2). It’s obvious that the problem with gun violence in America isn’t with the guns, other than the large amounts, it’s with the culture. The overall amount of guns in America inflates the stat that makes it seem that America is the most violent country in the Western world (Babcock). Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Not all people who own guns are criminals, I know some of this people personally. Like for instance my father, my grandfather, and my father’s friends. This has good intentions but lacks providing protection to the general public against unpredictable situations.
Would no gun control laws reduce gun violence in America? I don’t think so, I think the biggest problem with gun violence in America is the people. So allowing more people to own guns without checks and regulations seems pretty unwise. However, the simple fact that citizens in the Washington, D.C., can’t owe a handgun seems way too unfair to the law-abiding people in that city. (Bowman 2) This is why there must be another extreme view, because there are

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